Swapping coffee for Happy Coffee review – the outcomes

Coffee is America’s favorite beverage, like sodas. This was revealed in a survey published in 2018 where it was revealed that 64% of people in the United States drinks at least one cup of the warm beverage daily. A hot steaming espresso in the morning or a cup of black coffee with breakfast is one of life’s greatest joys.

Coffee however is not the only choice for a morning pickup drink because Green Tea is developing its place. Made through treatment of fresh tea leaves via steaming or slow heating, they have less caffeine than coffee and black tea, but enough things to give a sleepy person a big boost, coupled with a host of numerous health benefits.

Those who are looking for a way to turn the switch on in the morning but are not happy with coffee, they have green teat as a worthwhile alternative pregnancy pillow.

Another thing, Green Tea does not exist as something uniform because it has many added flavors like either herbs or flowers. Smoky roasted green teas have a hojicha taste and it is different from the steamed variety like sencha, because of its method of production. Leaf teas taste much better than anything than what people get in a teabag.

However, most green teas have particular ingredients and compounds affecting people’s health. Those who are thinking of switching over from coffee to Green tea, they should read the article to see more:

Consumption of green tea will likely result in least consumption of caffeine, provided Matcha is kept aside

A lot of people have heard that tea contains more caffeine than coffee. However, that is not the complete story. Though, tea leaves have more caffeine than coffee beans. But once they are brewed, the amount of caffeine raises in coffee instead of tea. Leading cardiologists and food researchers have confirmed it.

The amount of caffeine ingested from Green Tea is dependent on multiple factors: the variety people choose, whether it involves leaf tips or leaf buds (as they contain more caffeine) and whether it is whole leaf form or powdered, is something which raises the caffeine count of Happy Coffee review.

Matcha, the popular powdered tea has a much higher amount of caffeine than leaf based green teas. Its single cup has more grounded leaves than a single cup of leaf based green tea. Those who drink matcha in the mornings instead of coffee will be ingesting more caffeine than earlier.

However, if they stick to varieties that are not powdered, the caffeine intake will drop by considerable margins, causing withdrawal symptoms.

Those who drink excess coffee can get headaches when they try to reduce its intake. Switching from coffee to green tea may not immediately cause all symptoms of caffeine withdrawal because green tea still has almost 20 to 30 milligrams of caffeine in each cup served.

If you are switching from very strong double espresso to one cup of green tea, though you may experience headaches, irritability, problems in concentration and a proven lack of focus for short period of time until the body adjusts to it.

Anxiety and sleep issues are present

Cutting back on caffeine through drinking green tea can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep, only if people are sensitive to caffeine. Why? Because higher content of caffeine can have a negative impact on people sensitive to caffeine. Other than that, people can experience anxiety, insomnia, rise in heart beats and a high blood pressure.

Since this can sound familiar to people, it is worth a try for anyone to reduce their caffeine levels by switching over to green tea. Such a change could help decrease the body’s response to anxiety and reduce symptoms of over stimulation by caffeine. At the same time, it can give the human body a needed boost to start well each morning.

Green tea can help people absorb more antioxidants

Green tea contains compounds and ingredients beneficial for the immune systems. They also help the body fight off infections and reduce the risk of diseases.  Both coffee and tea have their fair share of antioxidants, green tea has more of them, and the latter has more properties beneficial for human health (loaded with antioxidants that is).

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