Incredible Vision Benefits of Getting a LASIK Surgery

If your weak eyesight has made you dependent on contacts and eyeglasses, you are not the only one. Refractive vision problems are the most common reasons why people visit an eye clinic in Dubai and end up wearing glasses or contacts. The most refractive problems are near/far-sightedness or astigmatism. However, wearing contacts on a daily basis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The entire drill of wearing and removing contact lenses is too lengthy and complicated a process. Also, many don’t like how they look in glasses.

Along with not liking or being comfortable with the use of either of them, if your prescription changes frequently, both of these options are quite expensive. You could opt for a laser vision correction from the best eye centers in Dubai. You can find plenty of them in this emirate.

Laser Vision Correction

This method uses the latest laser technology to resolve refractive vision problems. The last few years have witnessed brilliant advancements in laser technology, making the procedure more accurate and safer than ever.  Laser vision correction boasts a high success rate. A large number of patients are a lot less dependent on contacts and eyeglasses, even if they are not entirely removed.

Laser-Assisted Stromal In-Situ Keratomileusis, commonly known as LASIK happens to be a renowned surgery for laser vision correction.

LASIK – A Brief Overview

LASIK procedure uses advanced laser technology to cut out a thin, square flap into the outer layer of the cornea. The underlying layers are then reshaped for repairing any imperfections in the curvature that causes distorted vision. The procedure happens to be the only one that uses flap techniques to perform changes in the cornea. Once the necessary corrections have been made to the lower layers, the flap is replaced and left to the natural healing process. There is no need to get sutures.

Benefits of Getting LASIK

LASIK comes with a wide range of vision benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

Quick Procedure

Usually, it takes an hour to perform LASIK. It is a delicate, yet efficient surgical procedure. You can go home after 30 minutes or so of recovering time.

Fast Recovery

LASIK has a fast recovery time. On average, a LASIK patient can expect less than 24 hours of recovery time. Since there are no bandages or stitches involved in the procedure, the healing process is fast. The patient can expect the healing time to be around 24-36 hours unless they are any placement difficulties. If you are short on time,  that makes it only a day or two of missed work or weekend. Although it is not recommended to drive yourself back home, you would be up and going home a short time after the procedure.

Improved Vision

The most obvious advantage of getting LASIK surgery is improved vision. Most of the LASIK patients achieve 20/20 or 20/40 vision. This is a massive improvement. Although there is no guarantee of getting the perfect eyesight, 96% of patients enjoy a 20/20 vision. Those who don’t experience a major improvement, they would see that their reliance on glasses and contacts is reduced immensely.

LASIK offers a variety of vision corrections. LASIK could be your permanent solution for better vision depending on your issue.

Significantly Less Painful than Alternative Methods

According to patients of LASIK, the procedure is painless. It is a bit uncomfortable, but not what you would call painful. Other alternatives, like PRK, do not offer the same ease. Patients have reported feeling pain and discomfort after the procedure gets complete.


LASIK comes with upfront costs. However, if you are into getting the latest designer frames for indoor and outdoor use, and the highest-quality of contacts, you may be able to make up the expense in the amount you will end up saving once you have stopped buying. LASIK is beneficial and money-saving in the long run when it comes to frames and glasses.

Also, you can save on eye appointment costs too. Once you go for follow-up after the surgery to ensure all is well, you would see longer gaps between you and your eye doctor.

When it comes to the benefits of LASIK, the benefits are plenty. If you are an eligible candidate for this surgery have been contemplating the idea up until now, it’s time you should get rid of your eyeglasses or contacts. Contact now to get the best eye Lasik surgery in Dubai. It is one of the leading eye care clinics in Dubai known for its exceptional services.

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