How to Prepare and Crack NDA Exam

National Defence Academy (NDA) exam is conducted twice a year. The dates are usually set in April and August. This exam holds the future of the individuals who are willing to be in the armed forces. The competition for this exam is relatively high from the past years. Students who have passed their 12th standard can apply for this exam. Though one can apply even after graduation.

However, it is advisable that one should apply as soon as one passes or appears for the 12th standard board. The course of NDA is pretty dynamic and one needs to have the knowledge of General Knowledge & Current Affairs. Along with them he/she has to know subjects like Mathematics, English, History & Geography, Political Science, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The key to crack the exam is only through dedicated preparation. One should aim to retain maximum knowledge. One should always remember coaching centers can train to a certain level. The ultimate preparation is upon the person himself. No coaching center can guarantee one’s clearing the exam. 

In today’s time, we are blessed with so many platforms that offer quality education. If we have a crunch of time, we can always shift to NDA online coaching class.

But we have to focus on the learning aspect. No matter which way we take, learning is a must. 

Some tips which might help you in preparation for the NDA exam:

  • The study should be done in a very organized manner. The best way is to prepare a study schedule week wise. 
  • The majority of the NDA syllabus is the same as the 12th syllabus. So, having a fine balance between both will help you to prepare for both exams simultaneously.   
  • Having a basic understanding of social science is mandatory. So, revisit your history, political science, geography, and economic books of 9th and 10th standard. 
  • Making personal notes can take us a long way in your preparation.
  • Reading the newspaper daily is one of the best things we can do while preparing for the NDA exam. Reading newspapers is one thing and remembering all of it is another thing. So, the best thing is to read selective news. The less it will be the easier it’ll be to remember. Focus on sports, literature, and political news. Reading one paper in English and Hindi can help. Don’t miss the facts in the newspaper. 
  • English is one of the most important subjects in NDA Exams. It contains 200 marks. These marks are not difficult to score. With a little bit of effort like every day reading English newspapers, solving English test papers regularly. Understanding grammatical parts is very important. Parts of speech are very important as it helps in arranging jumbled sentences and also in editing/omission.

Also, there is negative marking as well. So, take calculated risks.   

Practice and knowledge never get wasted. So, don’t stress yourself with the later part of the exam rather start the preparation now. Clarity is one of the most important things when it comes to preparation. 

To start with the NDA preparation we need to know many rounds one has to qualify in order to get into NDA. There are five rounds namely Reporting, Screening test, Psychology test, Group Discussion, and the final Interview. Candidates are selected on the basis of their intelligence, behavior, and personality. Selections are conducted by officers who are well trained and educated. 

NDA needs determination, action and self-discipline. So, one needs to make a confined decision and strategies on how to achieve his goals. Along with strategizing it is important to have self-confidence. Cracking interviewing majorly depends on our self-confidence. Self-doubts and lack of self-empathy can increase the tension in your situation. Knowing the pattern of the exam is also really important. To know which type of questions can come in the exam will give us an idea and we’ll be prepared for the exam before-hand. 

NDA or National Defence Academy is one of the best institutes which is known for its excellent performance. Armed forces jobs are the most prestigious jobs for any country. It’s almost like because of these jobs the country can sustain. Navy, Army, and Air Force jobs set the boundary of the nation’s security. This is the reason why the selection is so difficult in NDA. 

We understand the complexity of the NDA exam. So, we have listed some tips that can help you in the preparation process:

Choose the Right Study Material:

In this age, there are thousands of options available to us. However, we should choose only the resources which channel our thoughts and give us a better understanding of a topic. Referring to multiple resources blindly at the same time is only going to make the case worse.

Organize and Structurize:

One should always have a plan when it comes to studying. Organized studying gives the best result. Time Management plays a vital role in preparation. Knowing how much time to give to a topic can not only save our time but also energy. This is the only way through which we can prepare all the subjects. Since the subjects are many and the syllabus is so vast. This trick will help us. 

Mock Tests are unavoidable: 

Most of us don’t have a structured plan to prepare for the exam. And what happens in return is we miss out on so many important things like mock test papers, preparing last-minute notes, etc. Test Series or Mock Test Papers or Solving previous year question papers can prepare us for the actual exam. We can also know how prepared we are for the actual exam, where we are lacking, and what needs to be practiced more. Solving previous years’ question papers every alternate day can help us a lot. 

We hope you find all these points really handy in your preparation. Exams are just a part of life. So, don’t let exams take a toll on your health under any circumstance. We wish you all the very best for your preparation. 


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