Elon Musk’s secret to effective work, Jeff Bezos in 2021

Elon Musk’s secret to effective work, Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk thinks that too many conferences are wasted time and much less efficient …

Along with a 24-hour a day, commercial enterprise leaders like Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company, or Jack Dorsey – CEO of Twitter and Square, the way to live efficient?

Here are a while control hints for maximizing overall performance from a hit CEOs, consistent with CNBC.


According to a survey via way of means of Harvard Business School and Boston University, maximum commercial enterprise managers say assembly reduces productivity. Of the 182 senior managers interviewed, 65% say conferences lead them to not able to finish their work, 71% conferences are much less efficient and ineffective.

On assembly matters, Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of social networking webweb page Twitter, takes a non-conventional approach – one he believes can spur employees’ crucial wondering processes.

Most of my conferences are accomplished on Google Doc (the web workplace enhancing app), beginning with 10 mins of analyzing and commenting on on line files,” Dorsey shared on his non-public Twitter page. in 2018. “It allows everybody be a part of the identical platform despite the fact that sitting in one-of-a-kind places and wondering faster.


Elon Musk normally begins offevolved the day with the maximum urgent responsibilities and spends the relaxation of the time coping with different priorities.

Never waste time on matters that do not in reality make matters better,” the Tesla CEO counseled in a speech on the University of Southern California in 2014.

Musk says one of the approaches he does this is via way of means of assembly as low as possible. Too many conferences are the disadvantage of large companies, and it is getting worse over time,” Musk stated in his 2018 Tesla worker letter while it got here to productivity. “Cancel everyday conferences, except it is an incredibly pressing matter.

If there’s a want to meet, “ensure you upload cost to the participants,” Musk stated. He additionally advises workforce to “depart the convention room as quickly as they see the speaker is of no cost” and that this “is not anything rude”.


According to Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, making “excessive great and fast” choices could be very essential for a commercial enterprise leader. Because “velocity is paramount in commercial enterprise”.

Most choices must be made with approximately 70% of the facts expected. If you wait till 90% of the facts is needed, in maximum instances you may be delayed,” stated the Amazon boss. Share withinside the 2016 shareholder letter. In practice, he stated, making the proper selection isn’t as essential as creating a short selection.

You want to be right sufficient to fast restoration horrific choices. And while that happens, errors do not do as lots harm as you think. Meanwhile, being gradual will without a doubt pay a heavy price,” stated the CEO. the world’s biggest e-trade reviewer.

Bezos additionally stated that Amazon keeps a quick selection-making process, now no longer handiest due to the fact it is “essential” however additionally due to the fact such an surroundings is “quite a few fun”.


The overdue Apple cofounder Steve Jobs believes that the maximum essential element in being efficient is understanding while to say “no”.

Focus manner saying ‘no’ to loads of right thoughts to determine wherein to spend your time,” Steve Jobs stated on the 1997 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Agreeing with Steve Jobs, billionaire Warren Buffet additionally argues that “the distinction among a a hit character and a in reality a hit character is that a in reality a hit character says ‘no’ to nearly everything.


Meditation is a part of the day by day schedules of many a hit marketers and billionaires like Dorsey and Ray Dalio. This is likewise a favourite pastime of Bill Gates, he practices regularly.

This is a wonderful manner to growth my concentration,” Bill Gates stated in a 2018 weblog post. “Simple meditation is an exercising for the mind, just like an exercising for muscle tissue once I play sports.

Practicing meditation 2-three instances every week for approximately 10 mins every time, Bill Gates stated the pastime taught him “the way to attention at the mind in his head, and to attain a positive distance from them, thereby enhancing the process. enhancing concentration “.

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