Four Ways To Wear An Overcoat

It’s when the winds start getting cold, you start figuring out various combinations of clothes to look your best when you head out. As for sweaters, you’d need to put on matching pants, footwear, and also see if the shirt you wear inside complements the sweater. However, if you talk about outer layers that are versatile, an overcoat is the first option that pops up.

Overcoats have remained a menswear staple for centuries, and they can comfortably sit on top of anything you’re wearing. The only thing you need to make sure is that the overcoat you use fits your size, so that it’s not too tight, nor should it hang from your shoulders like a curtain.

Choosing the right color combination is the key to looking good, but it’s not easy to change colors every day. This is where overcoats bring you great relief because you can wear the same overcoat almost every day of the week. There are certain colors that work with literally anything that includes navy, camel, or black.

The right texture is another important element you need to take care of when choosing the best overcoat for yourself. Choosing simple wool with a neat finish can do the job. Once you’ve ticked all the boxes of color, size fit, and texture, your potential outerwear can be limitless. Continue reading to learn about four different ways to rock an overcoat.

Wear a formal shirt, tie, suit, and cover yourself with an overcoat. The most important element you need to consider here is that the overcoat should cover the jacket fully.

Any color or shade of overcoat will work well with a dark-colored suit. However, if you want to remove any uncertainty, the camel color is the safest and the most decent looking option.


  • For A Date Night

Put on your woolen trousers, roll neck top, and top it off with an overcoat. Layering yourself in several pieces of cloth isn’t just important to keep warm, but if done rightly, it makes you look very stylish. If the weather is too chilly, you can opt for a lightweight layer, such as a cardigan, blazer, and then put on the overcoat to keep toasty. However, if it’s not freezing, a woolen roll-neck top would look great with a buttoned-up overcoat.


  • The Pub

The best winter outfit for the pub can be dark jeans, white or any light-colored t-shirt, a jumper along with an overcoat. When looking for a more casual look, knitted sweatshirts or sweaters especially work well with overcoats.

If you have a camel or black colored overcoat, anything bright inside will elevate your casual look.


For Football

When you’re dressing for a sporting event, put on your jeans, a neutral knit sweatshirt, a dark color scarf with an overcoat can be the best combination.

The right choice of color and texture for a scarf can easily lift any look. Also, many people face great difficulty in getting the right scarf knots, but you shouldn’t be bogged down with that. Focus on the contrast of your scarf with the structure of your overcoat, and you can pull off a very classy look with just a couple of loops around the neck.

With winter fully taking over, it’s about time you start changing the outlook of your wardrobe. Make sure you look your best in this chilly weather with Noir LDN outerwear. Browse through our website to find yourself the perfect Noir LDN men’s jacket, and all other types of clothes.

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