Scarves and Shawls

Things to Consider For Buying Scarves and Shawls

A scarf or a shawl may seem like a long piece of cloth. But they are very essential and are one of the most necessary types of accessories in your wardrobe. But before you buy a scarf or a shawl certain parameters must be considered.


Here’s a simple guide for you to buy scarves and shawls properly.

Find The Right Fabric

You need to choose the right kind of fabric while buying shawls or scarves. The choice of fabric depends on the season. For instance, you need to buy soft and breathable fabrics for summer months and warm fabrics for winter months.

Some of the best choices of fabrics for scarves and shawls are cotton, silk and linen. These are light, breathable, soft-to-touch, comfortable and are perfect for the summer season. You can create both casual and formal looks with these fabrics. Plus scarves and shawls made of cotton and silk or linen are easily washable.

In winter, you need to wear warm scarves and shawls to protect yourself from cold winds. Thus, pashmina is the best material for winter scarves or shawls. Pashmina is very famous and is a very soft material that provides warmth in winter.

Apart from pashmina, there is cashmere wool, the highest quality wool. You can wear shawls or scarves made of cashmere in the cold season. You can also continue your search for the best fabrics for scarves online and choose the right one.


Shapes Of The Scarves

There are different types of scarves in terms of shapes. Some of the most commonly used and popular ones are:

  • Rectangular scarves– These are the usual scarves you see people wearing. They can be found in many colours, prints and fabrics, you can buy rectangular scarves from online stores. These scarves can be used as a neck wrap to give your outfit a proper look. Such scarves can be teamed with any type of outfit.
  • Bandana scarves– This style is popular for both men and women. Bandanas are great with western outfits and especially in winter. You can even style them on your head as a head-wrap.
  • Shawl wrap– A shawl is a very demanding fashion accessory. It is just larger than a regular-sized scarf. Shawls are mow best to wear during colder months. You can style them with any ethnic or western wear as you like. It gives a sophisticated and classy look.


Designer Scarves And Shawls

You can buy designer scarves online from fashion boutiques. There are some well-known brands that have an exclusive range of scarves and shawls. The best designer scarves or shawls will be a bit pricey than your regular scarves. But a designer piece is always a treasure.


Check Both Sides

When buying scarves or shawls, you must check both sides. The less expensive and poor quality scarves will have faded prints on the backside. A good quality scarf will have prominent paints on both sides. Some scarves may also bleed dyes after one wash.

So keep these points in mind and make the right choice.

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