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How To Structure Your Speech To Make A Good Impression?

Do you know the winning structure of a great speech? It is an engaging opening-lead on the introduction-substance-filled body-meaningful conclusion-a satisfying closing statement. We will cover each one in detail but before that let’s consider where do you need speeches? It can be during a business presentation, a keynote speech, an elevator pitch, during a client meeting, etc. 

How To Structure Your Speech To Make A Good Impression?

You might think of turning to professionals asking, “who can write my speech?” but we assure you that our tips will help you nail the job yourself. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Start with a great opening

You may feel nervous about giving a speech and that’s understandable but don’t ever apologize or give an excuse to cover it. An audience may not give you another chance so take the opportunity in front of you and take your listeners in confidence. Introductions are often made for getting attention hence you should start with a shock, surprise, motivation, etc. Emotion in the mix always works.

  1. Give substance in the main body of the speech

The body is the core of any speech because you lead on to it after introduction to support your message and use it to build your ultimate conclusion. This means your main body should be balanced. We know it’s time filler but you got to keep it interesting. Details can be boring thus; you need to come up with examples and instances to bring them out.

  1. Make an impressive conclusion

The climax of the speech should bring your message together. Keep it in sharp focus and don’t let any information crawl in. An impressive conclusion is short and summarizing.

  1. Give a meaningful closing

This is more like a statement that provides closure to your speech and satisfaction to your audience. A meaningful closure means the agenda you started with is fulfilled and your audience agrees with you and your pointers. Make sure they feel they gained something out of your speech.


Next time, be it any occasion where you have to deliver a speech, use the tips given above to prepare an impressive speech. These tips will land you appreciation from your clients, crowd, or panel. Our editors have written some phenomenal speeches in the past and therefore they know what they are talking about here in the tips above. Go ahead and make your noteworthy impression in your next gig.

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