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If you or your kids are seeking to learn the book of Allah, the Holy Quran online, then there could be dozens of online resources or websites to confuse you out there. The internet is a congested place where many online Tafseer classes’ providers claim to offer the best Quran tutor at home. However, it is very important for you to learn the Quran in a perfect way to become a good Muslim and receive the blessings of God. Thanks to the fast technological advancements, it has become so easy to find a Quran academy online that can help your child learning Quran online on Skype. Let us show you in this post how you can learn and find the best holy Quran academy online and help your kids to learn Quran and Tafseer online in the USA.

Learning Quran is Important in the Present Times

Learning Quran with tajweed online has always been mandatory for Muslims ever since the advent of Islam. It is a noble act to teach your kids knowledge about all aspects of the Quran in this life. Because the Holy Quran is a complete set of instructions and the word of Allah SWT, it teaches your child to act nobly and rightfully stand for his fellow Muslims.

Getting the right training in Quran and Tajweed is not possible without having online classes for kids. Learning Quran and Tafseer in the USA is easily online that brings you closer to Allah SWT on the Day of Judgment.

As we say this, we know that you must have found dozens of online Quran academies or have read about the online Quran Tafseer course in New York. But let us tell you about the three best online Tafseer classes to get the best knowledge of the Quran and tajweed from highly qualified tutors.

Quran Oasis Online

Quran Oasis is ranked as a high-quality academy to take online Tafseer classes in USA. The academy is completely online that provides classes of Islamic studies, Arabic language, and Quran learning from the comfort of your home.

The teachers are the best because most of them have been hired by renowned Islamic universities such as Al-Zahra University. These teachers are experienced to provide not only the great Quran online teaching to your kids on Skype but also give them homework to improve their practice. The tutors are responsible who often follow up on the lectures every week.

The great features of this online Quran for kids academy are reading Quran basics, Quran recitation, Quran tajweed, Quran memorization, Islamic Studies, Reading Arabic, and learning online Tafseer classes.

Learn Quran Academy USA

Learn Quran Academy USA has been around for almost five years and the academy is known for providing the best Quran teachers on Skype to students living in the Western culture of the United States. Learn Quran Academy USA provides 24/7 classes online to kids and also provide a completion certificate to successful kids after careful assessment of their knowledge. The best Quran for kid’s beginner’s academy offers complete 1 on 1 online session and provide course materials that eliminate the need for anything else.

Learn Quran Academy online provides both male and female holy Quran teachers who can help your kid to master the online Quran Tafseer course in a couple of weeks. The tutors provide effective educational guidance and materials that help your kids to learn the basics of Islam and Quran to turn their lives around. The best features of this learn online Quran academy includes:

  • Reading Quran basics
  • Quran recitation
  • Tajweed Quran
  • Quran memorization
  • Learn Arabic
  • Online Tafseer classes
  • And Arabic grammar rules


Are you worried about the tuition fee of many online Quran academies and institutions in the United States that guarantee no success to your children to learn Quran in an effective manner? No need to pay $100 to online Quran academies when you can get the best Quran classes on Skype from the very best tutors in the USA. Learn Quran Academy for example is dedicated to helping Muslim kids learn Arabic at their own pace and provide male and female teachers to solidify their concepts. If you are born with a Quran spirit, the Learn Quran Academy USA is your best choice for bringing the same spirit in your children.

Moreover, you can choose from many different plans of learning Quran online in the USA. The teachers are well trained who know Arabic for a very long time. They apply new teaching techniques to teach online Quran to your kids. Therefore, using the latest technology and online tools, learning Quran online in the USA is not very difficult these days. Choose the best online Quran learning academy for your children and learn in a flexible way.

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