Is GrooveFunnels Worth It in 2020?

Whether you have just started your online business or you are professional in digital marketing thing. You always need a platform that helps you in growing your business.

Let me tell you a bit more,

If you are into all this online business and digital entrepreneurship stuff then you have had heard of many of the platforms that help you in boosting up your work.

You have also heard of Groove funnel and that is why you are here for.


There are many funnels that you can use to lift your digital marketing but the groove funnel is over all of these.

You have to believe me, but in case you do not have a belief in me then you can see it by yourself by clicking on this link Groove Funnels Lifetime Deal, here you come to know all the basic things about groove funnel.

In this article, you are going to get all the information about the groove funnel and how it is important in the growth of your business.

Let us the Journey Begin,  

What is Groove Funnel?

Groove Funnels Review - The Ultimate Funnel Builder?

There is a company by Mike Filsaime named Groove Digital Software Development company that wanted to create software that is affordable, useful, and simple to use for all folks. 

So they developed a Groove Funnel that is now used by people to grow, build, and manage the online market place.

Do you know What is Astonishing?

During all this covid-19 thing when everyone is staying at home and trying to do online business.

These groove funnel developers made their software free to help these people.

Berry on the Top,

These products of groove funnel that are free are not free for some months but life.

Not only this but also,

Groove funnels also allow you to use the set of tools that helps you in managing that other platforms generally do not offer you. Such as management of periodic installments and monthly billing.

Is Groove Funnel Right For You?Mike Filsaime Official Site

As  I have mentioned earlier that groove funnels provide you with the tools that are best for marketing and experience no matter you have just started a business or you are professional in it.

If you are a blogger, content creator, in a market place or building webinars, groove funnel will help you anyway.

Want to figure out that groove Funnel is right for you or not?

Here, I am going to state some of the areas when the groove funnel is best for you.

If you are an online digital marketer then groove funnel is the finest solution. If you are a content creator, you got products to sell and promote, running a paid membership site, then the groove funnel is for you.

Are you hosting webinars?

Then groove funnel is meant for you.

Do you want to build landing pages?

Groove funnel is no doubt right for you.    

There are also some places when groove funnels are not right for you. That includes when you are using other funnels like click funnels and Kartra.

When you are not ready for not yet learned how to use the tools etc.

What Is Include In-Groove Funnels?  

Groove funnels provide all the marketing tools you need to grow your online marketplace,


There is also some software coming soon that is going to add to the library. Some of the features that are included in the groove funnels are asserted below.

  •       Groove Pages
  •       Groove Sell
  •       Groove Desk
  •       Groove Calendar
  •       Groove Member
  •       Groove Blog
  •       Groove Video
  •       Groove Mail
  •       Groove Affiliate
  •       Live Webinars

And many more are coming soon.

How Much Does Groove Funnel Cost?

Groovefunnels Lifetime Access

Groove funnels offer you limited when it comes to pricing. Let us jump into all the plans plus the lifetime plan.

GrooveFunnels Base:

 If you want to try this platform, then they will offer this account that is free of cost and comes with some features it like groove seal, GrooveAffiliate, etc.

The attractive part is that you do not add any credit card details to start trying this platform. Even there will be no transaction if you sell anything through this account.

That sounds pretty cool, No?

GrooveFunnels Silver:

Then we come on the starter offer that is GrooveFunnels Silver. It starts at $99 per month. This plan is used most by those who just start their business.

In this plan, you will get the features that are included in the Base plan and also GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, etc.

The Groove Pages that are involved in this plan are not the lite version but the pro version.

With the Base plan, you will get these pages in Lite Version.

GrooveFunnels Gold:

This plan starts with $199 monthly. It includes all the features that are involved in the silver plan and also the rest of all the features that are mentioned above in what is included in GrooveFunnel.

Lifetime Plan:

The platinum or Lifetime Plan that is offered by Groove funnel is best of all. This plan will allow you to grab all the marketing tools of GrooveFunnel.

There are no limitations in it that how many landing pages you are going to develop or how many market places you want to construct.

The price of this plan is $1397 one time.

The sky is the limit!

Is Groove Funnels Worth It in 2020?

If you want that your business thrives then you must take it online. But the online business is sometimes difficult to manages to grow.

But you do not Need to Worry, you know why?

At this age, I mean in 2020 when everything is becoming online due to this pandemic thing groove tunnel is offering its tools free of cost.

Isn’t it Amazing? And you know what?

I can give you a 100% guarantee that GrooveFunnel will help you in running your entire business.


To wrap I will add that managing your online market is only easy if you have got the proper platform and marketing tools for it.

GrooveFunnels is one of them that helps you in running, managing, and growing your business.

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