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4 Options for Outsourcing SEO

If you’re in the marketing game, chances are you already understand the importance of SEO. But just how important is it? You have three options available when it comes to SEO: do nothing, do it yourself or outsource it. If you’re a smart and skilled marketer, you’ll know that doing nothing is absolutely not an option. 

So what are the benefits of SEO outsourcing UK wide over doing things in-house? Although doing SEO yourself might seem like the easy option, there are several benefits to outsourcing SEO to an external agency. These include: an outside perspective, no hiring or on-boarding costs, ongoing SEO management and access to expert knowledge. Sounds great, right? Let’s just say you do opt outsource SEO to a third-party. The decision process doesn’t stop there. There are actually a number of great options to choose from with regards to how you outsource your SEO. We’ll detail these options below.

4 Options for Outsourcing SEO

SEO Freelancers

Independent SEO freelancers are super flexible and can perform tasks and projects at a relatively low cost. This is a reliable way of ensuring work gets done and is of a high quality as well as free up time otherwise spent by you and your company doing SEO tasks or learning SEO tactics and techniques. Opting for a freelancer is the best option for any business who has minimal needs when it comes to SEO, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to choose who you work with and helps you keep costs to a minimum.

SEO Contractors

Similar to a freelancer, an SEO contractor will often also be fairly flexible and charge affordable rates for their work. However, in comparison, contractors work more on a project by project basis and will often want you to lock in a substantial amount of work with them before they come on board. Whilst that might mean more upfront costs, you’ll be more likely to build a solid relationship with a contractor rather than just the occasional work with a freelancer. However, depending on your SEO workload, it might be a lot of work for just one person, so bear that in mind when you are looking to outsource.

SEO Companies

One of the great advantages here is that you’re working with a whole company and not just relying on one individual. More manpower! And more manpower means access to more SEO professionals who have extensive knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to utilise to your benefit. Constant communication between your company and an SEO company will be essential here. However, one of the biggest weaknesses of a company that only specialises in SEO is that they will be restricted in the sort of work that they will be able to carry out on your behalf.

Full-Service Digital Agency

Another step up from an agency that just specialises in SEO, the advantage to working with a full-service digital agency is that you will not only be able to tap into their skills and expertise with regards to SEO, but they’ll also be able to perform tasks and hopefully cater to your needs regardless of what department you are requiring help from. This could be anything from graphic design to social media and everything in between. Working with a team of creative professionals means that you will have access to copywriters, social media marketers and others who have worked on multiple accounts and projects and have a wealth of experience behind them. This will naturally come at a higher price point than the previous three options. However, once you have assessed your business’s needs, this might be a good option for you to go for.

There are positives to all of the options outlined above, and depending on what your business is after and what your goals are, hopefully you will be able to make a decision on the option that brings the most value to your company.

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