Classic Makeup Look Ideas For Weddings

Every girl dreams of looking her best at her wedding. This is the day when she desires to be showered with compliments. For that, everything needs to one point right from tip to toe. Every tiny detail matters as all the eyes would be glued to the bride and her choices of dress, jewelry, accessories like a ring, bridal cuff bracelet, etc. So the point is to plan everything starting from the beginning. The kind of outfit, its color and pattern, and the kind of look you want for your D day is necessary to decide before heading to your shopping sprees to achieve a jaw-dropping look.

For your picture-perfect look, you need to look best and for this, you need your makeup to be perfect and flawless. And perfect makeup calls for perfect planning and all the knowledge of the look you want to have on your big day. For making your wedding day to be remembered since it is the commencement of a journey for a lifetime. For nailing the wedding look you need to hire a professional makeup artist and make them understand the look you wanted on your wedding day as it would discard any chances of any mishaps.

So we are here to provide you with a helping hand. We have personally curated some of the astonishing makeup looks that will ensure a breathtaking look. Have a look and clear your doubts with this almost perfectly curated makeup look.

Nude Makeup

We were literally drooling over the whole look of Anushka Sharma ever since her wedding picture came out. Her minimalistic style on her wedding went viral like a wildfire. It instantly became the talk of the town and #weddinglookgoal for many brides to be. Her nude or say natural makeup is on point while completely being herself.

Airbrush Makeup

This technique of makeup is highly in demand right now to achieve a look that looks like a second skin for you and lasts till all of your wedding rituals. This doesn’t look tacky or cakey if done right. Since it is done with the help of an air compressor or air spray, it is perfectly suited for sensitive skinned beauties.

HD Makeup

Where everything is progressing then how can the beauty industry remains behind. These days photographers use high definition cameras that have the ability to capture every little single detail. So, if the makeup isn’t high definition, then the fine lines, wrinkles, etc will show up on the cameras and I‘m pretty sure you don’t want to be captured like that. So, here comes high definition makeup for your rescue that will conceal all your fine lines, wrinkles, etc. leaving you to look completely breathtaking.

Shimmer Makeup

For the brides who want to add some extra glam factor to their look, hear me out! Glitter will do all that for you. You can opt for shimmer makeup for glam and loud look. If you are one of the brides that prefer OTT look at her wedding, then consider this one as this will render you with the same.

Matte Makeup                                              

This makeup look is perfect especially for summers and for the brides that have oily skin or combination skin. This makeup look will render you with a smooth and oil-free look. This kind of makeup look uses powdery products or that leave you off with a matte oil-free look.

Mineral  Makeup                                                          

For all the brides that do suffer from acne frequently and want something to be pigmented and long-lasting then this kind of makeup would perfectly fit your bill. It contains SPF which makes it an even safer option to go with. And This would be appropriate for an outdoor wedding or day wedding. This kind of makeup use products that are free from harsh chemicals mailing it appropriate for the acne-prone bride to be.

Smokey eye makeup

If you think you can’t sport a smokey eye look on your big day then let me inform you you can totally nail the smokey eye look without having a fear of being OTT. This bride has nailed the pink eye smokey look pairing it with blush pink lipstick with elegance.

Classic red makeup                                                                             

And if you still want that traditional bride all decked up in red and play safe then you can surely go with this option but do remember to outline your eyes with jet black kohl and eyeliner. And no matter which part of the country you belong to, this look would look stunning.








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