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Kartra vs ClickFunnels: Short Comparison

It is time to have a look at the short comparison information on Kartra vs ClickFunnels. Both of them are valuable tools and they manage to beat each other on drastic notes.

We can give you basic information that ClickFunnels has been in this market for a longer time as compared to Kartra. Furthermore, ClickFunnels possess and carry more number of active users.

Moreover, it is seen that Kartra has a narrow kind of ecosystem as compared to ClickFunnels.

Rest, to know in-detail on Kartra Pricing, stay tuned with us,

What is ClickFunnels?

clickfunnels to shopify | Disciple Inc

Most importantly, this is online marketing and the best of all automation tools. It helps your business to grow more and more.

For selling your products and delivering your services efficiently, this is a reliable tool for you. It started its operations in the time of 2014 and the founder of this software is Russell Brunson.

What is Kartra?

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This software was initially developed in the form of an e-commerce tool and then it had its re-launching in the year 2018 in the form of an all-inclusive marketing platform.

It is operated by Genesis Digital and its popularity is growing and boosting day by day.

This software is ideal for online entrepreneurs and helps in flourishing your online business.

Difference Between ClickFunnels and Kartra:

Kartra vs ClickFunnels- Look Which One Is Better? - Magento Themes

Signing up procedure:

When you sign up on ClickFunnels, then this whole procedure is quite and much breezy enough. It requires a minute of yours and you are then offered a 14 day free trial on this software.

But when you sign up on Kartra, then you have to pay 1 dollar to enjoy its 14-day trial. In this trial, you will get full access to all of the features inducted in this software.

Customer service support:

You might be wondering which software excels in the category of customer service support, here you can know that! ClickFunnels software has this helpdesk, in this zone, you can have information about the features of this tool.

Moreover, you only have to type your respective question and get a reply in less time. On the other hand, Kartra funnel replies to you frequently on your asked questions. 

User-friendly experience:

We have seen that both of these platforms offer user-friendly experiences. Their process of building funnels and also to make web pages are quite easy.

It is easy for you to navigate any of the complicated web pages no matter you are using Kartra or ClickFunnels.

Customized funnels experience:

When using ClickFunnels, then you are offered customized funnels so that they can fit into your business needs and requirements.

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Like, if you want to sell any of your products or capture leads or if you want to sell a service and run a webinar, then for each of these categories, ClickFunnels offer a wide number of options.

On the other side, if using Kartra, then you will be given all the necessary elements to customize your funnels and templates.

There are separate and specific funnels present in Kartra to make excellent copies and emails and thank you pages, landing pages, and even check-outs and more.

Email marketing automation feature of ClickFunnels:

It is generally seen that ClickFunnels make use of Actionetics for the sake of processing email marketing automation procedures. This one is a follow-up tool and it aids you in creating, managing, and delivering your emails.

This same feature runs in the form of auto-responder and this email marketing automation helps in turning your visitors all into customers.

Most importantly, through this useful feature, your audience is going to get customized as well as specific messages.

With the help of Actionetics, it will be convenient for you to design any of the follow-up funnels. Furthermore, you can forward targeted messages to any of your visitors.

This feature excels in the manner that you can send and deliver broadcasts to your subscribers. This procedure is accomplished by using SMS, email mediums or you can use Facebook message. 

Lastly, this feature of ClickFunnels helps and assists you in monitoring your statistics and you can do split testing as well. Like, when you send an email to your audience, then you can see which of your prospects took the desired action.

Email marketing automation feature of Kartra:

On the other hand, Karta’s email marketing automation procedures also work fine. This feature tells you how to design, make, and launch email campaigns. This exclusive Kartra feature makes big sales for you and pushes you to drive more and more clicks.

It has these excellently and magically designed templates. This software has countdown timers and video thumbnails and is injected with the properties of testimonials, content blocks.

Likewise, you can turn on and activate the automation operations in ClickFunnels all according to your audience perception and behavior, this same activity can be done by using Karta.

In other words, you are allowed to automatically assign tags and you are permitted to add marketing sequences and send follow-up messages by using ClickFunnels and Kartra.

Affiliate management system feature:

The best and great part of these software options is that they are compatible to run and function affiliate management programs.

In both of these mediums, you can process your affiliate marketing techniques. In addition, if you become an affiliate with ClickFunnels, then you can earn a commission on your sold out products.

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This tool is ideal in a way that it gives you commissions not only on your sales but even gives you the option to earn recurring commissions right on top of that.

This recurring commission is earned by using sticky cookies. We can give you this general idea that these sticky cookies specifically and generally follow your visitors and when your visitor is going to register for your webinar, then you get a recurring commission.

Keep in mind that as long as you are the user and account holder of ClickFunnels, it means you are going to remain an affiliate by default of this software.

This software offers you the opportunity to win a dream car of yours. As an example, if you convince 100 people to use this tool, and manage to maintain these numbers of users, then you will get $500 monthly to pay for the lease on the car that you have bought.

And if this number reaches 200, then you will get 1000 dollars on a per month basis.

Talking about the procedures of Kartra, we have seen that this platform gives 40% of recurring commissions to their affiliates. When you make referrals, then you get this commission,

As soon as your referrals are going to update their account pricing plans, then your commission amount will be able to get updated too.

Moreover, if you have got a network of affiliates, then you can easily earn 10% of every sale.

Pricing plans:

Lastly, the pricing plans of Kartra and ClickFunnels are different. When using ClickFunnels, you are given two plans. 

Like, their basic plan cost and charges you around 97 dollars per month. And their Etison suite plan has a price of 297 dollars per month.

The ideal part of using ClickFunnels is that if you are not happy and content upon using this tool, then you can claim your money-back guarantee service.

Then we have these Kartra pricing plans and it is encapsulated with three pricing structures.

They have their starter plan, silver plan, and platinum plan. Their starter plan ranges from 69 dollars a month and the silver package starts from 139 dollars a month.

In addition, the platinum plan charges 339 dollars a month. When using Kartra, you do not have to pay monthly as all these charges and costs are paid on yearly basis.

Furthermore, Kartra offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if any of the users think that their services are not up to the mark.


If you have any questions on this short comparison of ClickFunnels and Kartra, then ask us.

More details on the similarities and differences of these tools will be shared with you.

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