How to Brighten Your Kitchen With Artificial Plants & Flowers

There are so many benefits to fake house plants and flowers. Artificial flowers save you money over time, and stops you having to worry every time an unexpected guest appears. With the busy lives we all live who can resist a shortcut to making your home look beautiful. Artificial flowers are not what they used to be. There is now a wide range of your favourite flowers which are totally believable. To give them that final authentic touch remember to fill the vases with water and cut them so they’re not all the same length. We’ve rounded up our favorite artificial flowers for every room in your house. 

You spend so much time in the kitchen preparing meals, cooking, eating and cleaning up, it’s no wonder this room is referred to as “the heart of the home.” The kitchen is always a busy room with family coming in or guests popping in to see if you need a hand. With all the time spent in this room it’s important for you to enjoy spending time here. Artificial plants can help update the look and feel of your kitchen dramatically without having to maintain and worry about sad looking flowers. 

Not sure which style of artificial flowers you would like to incorporate into your kitchen? An easy place to start incorporating existing colours that feature in your kitchen palette. Take note if you have a feature colour that is used on a statement wall or through your kitchenware that is on display. Choose artificial plants and flowers that either match or compliment this colour. If you have gold, black or silver accents throughout the kitchen, pot your plants in this same colour. This will create a cohesive great looking space. 

Make sure you pay attention to the size of the artificial flowers and plants you are going to be purchasing. Don’t forget the reason for purchasing these is to enhance the space and feature it, not overcrowd and make the kitchen look messy. Make sure the size of the piece you are choosing reflects the size of your kitchen space. If you have a smaller size kitchen we would recommend purchasing fake flowers and plants that are on the smaller size. The kitchen area can get pretty messy and cluttered so it’s important your pieces don’t overcrowd. If you do have multiple pieces of different shapes and sizes you would like to use, place the taller plants at the back and the smaller ones at the front. This will create a beautiful composition in your kitchen corner.  

If you don’t have any room on your benchtops for your greenery utilise your floor space with a feature plant. Another option is to display your greenery vertically. This can be done with a range of hanging plants. These look nice displayed over a window to create a beautiful statement. Hanging artificial plants are a great way to create zones in your kitchen and dining space without needing or having a wall. Have fun with your hanging plants by purchasing different types to create unique textures and styles.

Blossoms have for some time been utilized for beautifications and as blessings. Notwithstanding, things changed after some time and developments acquainted us with counterfeit blossoms that looked generally like normal ones however came up short on the trail. Counterfeit blossoms made of silk were utilized unexpectedly by Chinese around 1500 years prior, when women used to wear these blossoms in their hair. Over the long run these fake blossoms arrived at Japan, Korea, and the European locale in view of exchange. French individuals got thoughts from these blossoms and dominated the specialty of making artificial blossoms in the fifteenth century. Notwithstanding, counterfeit blossoms just got a genuine spotlight in the underlying many years of the twentieth century when flower vendors utilized these blossoms for occasional occasion embellishments when characteristic blossoms were not accessible. Fake blossoms are created on a mechanical level and utilized for an assortment of purposes nowadays. These fake blossoms look exceptionally near characteristic blossoms and practical when contrasted with the ones created in the bygone eras.

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