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2020 has been an extremely difficult year, especially for people living in Cambodia. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over, there has been a rapid decline in tourism across the country. People who were employees in tourism and hospitality are now out of work and unable to support their families. These families are depending on the support of organisations such as REACH. They rely on this organisation for food, housing, education and more. If you would like to help assist the families and children of Siem Reap you can make a difference through our charity bike ride

With the pandemic breaking the country’s economic growth, stopping tourism, manufacturing, construction and exports which made up 70% of the country’s growth, they are in need of help. This will be Cambodia’s slowest growth period since 1994. The poverty in 2020 will increase throughout households who were working in industries of construction, tourism, trade, manufacturing and more. The country needs urgent support to assist the people and families who have lost their jobs. 

REACH offers Cambodian families hope so they don’t feel pressured to drop out of school, fall victim to human trafficking or cross the borders illegally in desperation searching for work. These problems have only increased in 2020 and children are at risk now more than ever of being lost and exposed to unimaginable trauma. 

In 2021 REACH youths and staff will get on their bikes and cycle 200 kms in two days to support the school, family and children. This organisation is encouraging the international community to join this cause from their own countries and start pedaling away on their own bikes and clock up as many kms as they can from the 1st January 2021. If you don’t own a bike there are other ways you can help. If you prefer to swim, walk or run, the choice is yours. However you wish to assist this cause you can. Make sure you start on the 1st of January and let’s all finish together at the same time at 5.00pm (GMT +7) on Sunday 17th January. 

REACH is encouraging the global community to help as it is difficult to see when restrictions will ease and when or if things will ever return to “normal.” Siem Reap relies heavily on tourism and not knowing when international travel will return is causing huge concern for the entire country. 

Now is the time to get your family and friends together and enjoy cycling, riding or walking. Feel good about being outside and spending time with loved ones knowing you are supporting other families who are less fortunate and are in desperate need of support. Not sure how to fulfil 200kms? It’s flexible, you can mix and match your activities to meet this requirement. 

What are you waiting for? Start organising your team today. Pick your people and start getting motivated and training. This is an easy difference you can make. The only requirement is that each team member committed to fundraising an additional $500 to your fundraising tally. For more information head to to see how you can help today.

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