Out of Shelf Exhibitions Merchandising Tool One

Possibly it should not be known as the tool number one OK the thing is that I am referring to it before other merchandising tools that I will be giving in upcoming articles.

Presently, this is a very simple concept, out of shelf exhibitions you go shopping, you enter the store BOOM right in front of you find a huge mountain of items, men not just it looks great, this things have a value that regardless of whether you didn’t go to the store searching for them you are now thinking “oh men maybe my mother needs one of this” that is short words is what this is all about. Show people you have this Item at such a decent value they will be searching for a reason to take it.

These out of shelf exhibitions are looking to bring out customers needs that were not in their minds before entering the store. This exhibitions can be everywhere on the store or market depending of a wide variety of things like product type, products format (some are not likely to be put one on top of the other specially when they are prepacked offers), some of them work better this or the other season (obviously that is very easy to understand).

One of the most interesting things about this exhibition is the capacity to bring to live some dead purposes of the store or back street. In a perfect world, you will be attempting to make every last bit of your store so now you have already eliminated those dark corners and have organized the store traveling in a way that the usual customer goes through all your alleys and visit must of your shelves.

An example of a massive out of shelf exhibition and as should be obvious it is huge, this store has a ton of room, and can make this kind of exhibitions and they planned their store entrance to develop all year theme exhibitions. Here you can see that in light of the packaging of this item which is a mayonnaise the store has made a king of tower or pyramid.

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