These Factors Can Help to Rebuild the Education System After Covid-19..

Covid-19 pandemic took over the world in a blink of an eye. Within six months, almost all the countries in the world were affected by corona virus. With the danger of spreading the virus, the governments took all the required precautions to keep their citizens safe. Safety precautions included the closures of almost all the sectors and the education sector was also a part of it.

After the increase in the cases of covid-19 and the temporary closure of schools, colleges, and universities, the education system unanimously decided to conduct online classes and exams. This step was taken because the education was delayed by more than six months and it would’ve been a great issue for students if it were to be delayed even more.

Now that the academic institutions are opening in different phases, the question here is will there be any changes in the education system, and what factors will be able to help rebuild the education system? The dissertations writing services in Dubai evaluated the scenarios and have come up with a few factors that might pose some effect on the education system after covid-19.


  1. Germ-Free and Healthy Environment

Parents will be extremely skeptical of sending their kids back to school after corona virus. Covid-19 has made all of us more attentive towards hygiene and cleanliness. In this situation, parents would want to be ensured of the environment they will send their children to. For this, schools and other academic institutions should make sure they follow all the guidelines and take good care of the environment of their institutes.

  1. Overcoming Educational Inequality

Educational inequality is one of the biggest problems of the education system. If we take a look at our surroundings, we will see how different things are for the privileged and poor. Millions of children are not in schools and many others drop out of primary schools without even reaching secondary. After the corona virus pandemic, the chances of children dropping out are increased and in order to stop it, governments and private institutions would have to take drastic steps. The education system is already damaged due to covid-19 and kids dropping out of academic institutions will only worsen it.

  1. Overcoming the Educational Disparity

The difference between the education of rich and poor was evident due to the corona virus pandemic. The issue of different courses for the poor and rich has always been there but after the pandemic, it all became too harsh a reality to ignore. The governments were criticized to have ignored the implementation of similar courses in government and private schools. Private institutes have courses that are modern and up-to-date however public institutions are still stuck in the old times. Overcoming this issue will rebuild the education system and give it a positive push which is exactly what is needed right now. Children should be given equal opportunities to prove themselves for the betterment of their countries.

  1. Making Technology Accessible

Inequality in education was the biggest issue that came to the surface after the corona virus pandemic. When it was decided that education will now become digital and online Tuition classes will be the new thing, a lot of students faced difficulties.

The idea of conducting online classes must have seemed good on paper but when the time came for implementation, the government’s faced a backlash from underprivileged students. Online lectures required a gadget that could support the internet and online learning platforms. Also, fast internet was needed to take classes smoothly and not all families were privileged enough to afford these things. Technology should be spread to every corner of the world and its usage should be made common for the poor. Easy access to technology should be a priority as the world is moving forward and all of us have to as well.

  1. Revamping Public Academic Institutions

The role of a public institution in rebuilding the education system should be far greater than its capability. We need to understand just how important public schools are for society because they provide affordable education to children. Corona virus made us realize how things can change in a few days because people who were considered well settled faced gigantic financial problems due to the pandemic.

Revamping Public academic institutes is very important so that more and more families would send their children to them. Governments should work on updating public schools and colleges with the latest technology and modern courses to help rebuild the education system.

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