How To Choose The Right Company To Produce Explainer Videos

Why hire a really expensive agency to produce your explainer video?

Really, why?

If you really think about it, the only reason why you would hire a really expensive studio to produce your explainer video is trust. You trust they would be able to produce great explainer video for you, and then it would help you to get a really great return for the money that you spent to produce it.

Well, that’s the ideal situation. In reality, it depends on a lot of factor.

About Explainer Video

Explainer video is a marketing tool, a part of marketing campaign that has its own use. Before you jump into the superstitial bandwagon and hire the most expensive explainer video agency you can find, think about this: How much do you really want to spend on your marketing campaign this month and the next one? After that, if you think you have enough money left on your budget, create a marketing video.

It’s insane right? At Breadnbeyond, we create explainer video — but we are not blatantly suggesting potential clients to create a video, and suggest the exact opposite. This is simply because if you spend all your money to create an explainer video, you won’t have enough to promote it, and then no one will see it. If nobody ever watch the video, then how it can get you the result that you want?

Explainer Video Agency

Let’s face it, explainer video only works if you have people looking at it. And this is exactly why you should hire Breadnbeyond.

Take a look at the rate of these agencies:

1. Switch Video

Their published rate is more than $10,000 for the first minute (words on the street says that they charge around $20K, but probably not that much).

2. Epipheo


Epipheo was widely popular for videos they create for Google and many major companies that has the money to pay their bill. They would charge you around $20,000 for 2 minutes, this is official.

3. SimpleShow

Simpleshow is an explanation specialist, work only with the big boys. Founded and grown in Germany, they were known for their work with BMW and Mercedes. They had expanded to Asia now, and they will cost you $15,000 for three minutes of explanation.

Breadnbeyond: The Best Explainer Video Agency

Compared to these guys, let’s see the video that we made for Olark:

And for DC Home Buzz:

Now, let’s think again: do you really want to hire a really expensive agency to produce your explainer video? I think it’s better to justify with your company’s need. Here’s the perfect infographic to consider:

How to Choose Animated Explainer Video Production Companies
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

Good luck!

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