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How to Get an Art-Deco-Inspired Look for Your Bedroom

Giving your bedroom a personalized look is the dream of many, but when it comes to the actual work, we’re mostly out of ideas. A personalized bedroom is not only good for the aesthetics, but it’s great for your well being and mental piece. Not to mention you’ll get to add a bit of your character to your room.

While there are many ideas and styles out there to give your room a makeover, we think that an Art-Deco-inspired look is the best. The reason is that it isn’t just a single style with only one look. Instead, it’s an entire category with different inspirations allowing you to customize your room, the bed, and the doors and windows according to your taste. 

What Is The Art-Deco Inspired Style?

The art-deco is a prominent style that was popular in the early 90s. It’s characterized by steel and contemporary geometric designs and materials. This style follows the guide of simplicity, symmetry, planarity, and organized repetition of designs. Common designs in this genre are geometric shapes, clean, simple designs, or geometric versions of floral and animal print designs. 

These days, reimagined designs inspired by the art-deco style are increasingly used in interior design. Bold and opulent designs combined with functionality, elegance, and modernity are the main elements used in art-deco-inspired interior designing. The main issue with this style is that it can look overwhelming and crowded when applied to all the rooms inside your house. That’s why it’s better to combine this style with the minimalistic style and only highlight it in some rooms—for example, the lounge, or a bedroom, or the dining room.

How To Transform Your Bedroom?

The great thing about customizing bedrooms is that you can transform them according to your taste and style without thinking much about how they’ll look compared to the rest of the house. On top of that, a bedroom has many elements that can be used to achieve the art-deco look. Here are a few customizations you can try to achieve an art-deco-inspired look. 

Bold Geometric Designs

Bold and pronounced geometric designs on one wall of your room while keeping everything minimalistic is a great way to bring some character to your room. All the attention is focused on your wall while the minimalistic furniture keeps the space open. Consequently, you can apply this technique on your floor by changing the flooring or placing a big rug underneath your bed. You can even use this on the ceiling to add a frame to your room.

Sculptural Accents

The bed and the remaining furniture can be used as accents for your room. Adding a bed frame with dramatic and bold geometric headboards fills up the wall behind it and makes your room look full. 

But if you like your bed to be simple, why not add some fun to the bedroom furniture? Your side tables and study tables can be used for the art-deco style. These days, you can find many bedside tables with bold and colorful geometric designs. You can use them combined with some art-deco lamps and lighting for a stylish bedroom.

Gray Scale And Contrast

These days grayscale and minimalistic styles are in-trend. If you combine your art-deco style with greyscale, it can end up looking pretty unique. Or you can make the statement with your bed’s headboard or bedside tables by choosing bold colors and arbitrary designs.

Streamlined Shapes 

Adding decorative pieces or furniture with prominent shapes and colors can be a minimalistic approach to the art-deco style. For example, you can change the shape of your mirror to be more geometric and bolder. Similarly, you can add lamps and decorative pieces inspired by the art-deco style and place them around your room. That way, everything remains minimal, but you’ll still get to add your personal touch

Grand Doors And Windows

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this style into your bedroom is through your doors and windows. Interior doors with thick and bold geomantic lines are a great idea. To add a pop of color, you can even choose doors in shades of red or blue while keeping the room mostly white. The door acts as an accent and makes your room look spacious. 

To offset the heavy look of the doors, you can install matching windows. Geometric shapes are a great hit with windows. You can choose oval, diamond, or irregularly shaped windows that go well with the door, creating a harmonious look.

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