9 Amazing Ideas For DIY Christmas Decorations

Ribbon is a cool and inexpensive material that can be used for innumerable purposes, ornamental, DIY Christmas Decorations, decorative items and symbolic purposes. Satin, organza, sheer, silk, velvet, and metallic are some popular fabrics that are used to make ribbons. Do you have creative mind and want to add a little bit of creativity and fun to this Christmas with handmade decorations for your home? You can craft many decorative items using ribbon and other old stuff.

There are plenty of easy and amazing craft ideas to create stunning handmade Christmas decorations that will leave your friends and family in awe. You can use a red Christmas ribbon to make Christmas decorative items.

1. Designer Wreath

A beautiful wreath outside the house looks warm and inviting. This Christmas break with the tradition and make a stunning handmade wreath at home. Making your own wreath can get a little expensive and time making but you can get an elegant wreath for your entry door. All you need is a paper plate, glue, spray paint, ribbon and wire wreath base. You can beautify it with ribbons and pine cones. Striped red and white ribbon is best to choose if for your Christmas decoration. You can buy red color ribbon from any store or online at the most affordable prices.

2. Christmas Tree

Why buying a big giant Christmas tree when you can make it your own. You can make a small Christmas tree using ribbon and can place it on a desk or table at home, work or anywhere in between. Discover fun Christmas tree ribbon ideas and start making it on your own with your kids. The easy home-made X-mas tree will look classy and rustic and can save your money at the same time.

3. Ribbon Candles

There’s no need to bring out your glass or silver candlesticks this festive season. You can make your own charming rustic ones with cinnamon sticks glued around a votive candle, wrapped in a lovely, colorful little piece of ribbon. These are easy to make and warm that transform simple, boring candles into personalized decorations and show off for your guests.

4. Mesh Ribbon Christmas Angel

Making an angelic ribbon craft is an easier and money-saving craft. There are so many ways to make a Christmas angel, so be sure to create a few and place them all over your home. By carefully choosing the color and texture of the ribbon, you can really make any angel you want. You can choose metallic mesh ribbon to make a beautiful angel.

5. Ribbon Spool Photo Album

Ribbon-adorned photo albums are a great way to add a little extra flair to your scrapbook. You can apply colorful and different styles of ribbon to wrap your scrapbook. Save your memories with care and attention by adding some colorful ribbons.

6. Rolled Ribbon Rose

The ribbon rose is a classic, for good reason. Give it a try and use them to decorate wreaths, make core decorations and make homemade corsages. Making a pink ribbon out of red or pink ribbon is the simplest and most beautiful thing we can create. You can make fake rose petals using red silk ribbons.

7. Scrap Ribbon Lamp Shade

We all have those old lampshades or night lamp that just doesn’t match the rest of our decor. With adding colorful touch to your old lampshade you can transform the old one and make it new and fashionable again!

8. Mason Jars

The beautiful, glassy mason jars are popular decorations additions to your window sill or bedside table. You can decorate the jars with polka-dotted ribbon or any type of ribbons, lace, pine cones and some green branches. They can be used as cheap and charming lamps to illuminate any corner of the house. Put some Epsom salt under the tea lights or candles to have a snow effect!

9. Hanging Balls

You can also make some hanging decorating items like wall hanging, glittery ball hanging and other. Use red or golden ribbon and hang it with balls. Decorate your Christmas tree with these hanging balls.

Christmas is the festive to spend quality time with your friends and family. There are better ways to decorate your own houses and residences than by jointly creating your own decorations. It’s time to start ringing and playing Jingle bells! Inject some of your own personality into your decor and show the magic of Christmas in front of your eyes. You can buy many decorative items such as ribbons, lace, wholesale organza bags, metallic ribbons, etc. at affordable prices.

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