Top NFL teams of all time

Sports are capable of bonding people together and making a bridge of respect between adversaries. People around the world follow a variety of sports and express their passion for their favourite teams using different objects like wearing the official sweaters of their favourite teams or wearing caps with logos of their favourite team. One of the most popular sports leagues around the world with millions of fans is NFL or National Football league with years of amazing history and some of the best teams. So much so that people still like to wear NFL jumpers to honour their favorite teams from a specific era. Today we have made a list of some of the exceptional teams that are still known for their classic heroics in the NFL and Super Bowl championships. Discussing the heroics of these teams trigger our NFL nostalgia even these days and make us proud of what our favourite teams have done in the past. The top NFL teams from past are up for grabs, but here are our top picks:

1999 St. Louis Rams, Super Bowl Champions:

The wonder team from the country-town of St. Louis which did heroics in the 1999 NFL and subsequent super bowl and became champs overnight to turn their town into a wonderland filled with celebrations and happiness all around. That was the St. Louis Rams team of 1999 which toppled the balance of power in the NFL and mada surprising flight that guided them to the Super Bowl where they made history. Stand outs of this team of superstars were Kurt Warner, Issac Bruce, Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk. Their performance in the Super Bowl against the Titans was nothing less than a wonderful spectacle that left many in surprise. However, this team was unable to uphold that super form and soon got relegated after 2001, yet they still whenever it comes to discussing teams that showed surprising heroics, Rams always earn a spot in the nostalgic memories of passionate NFL fans.

1950 Cleveland Browns, NFL Champions:

If we call the 1940s era, the era of browns then it won’t be false. Their coach Paul Brown was a tactician who knew when and how to use the right players. This team dominated every single team playing football in the 1940s era and seldom lost. Simply stated, they were too great, however, they reached the level where they were too great for their own good and resulted in the collapse of the AAFC league. Then they made it to the NFL in 1950 and reached a new level of greatness in the league that they are still remembered for their greatness and exceptional playing style. Paul Brown, the coach of Cleveland Browns was not just a football coach, he was a chess player, he knew how to transform a simple football game into a chess play. When the likes of otto graham, Mac Speedie, Dante Lavelli, and Marion Motley joined hands with their coach in playing a smart game every time, they literally became invincible and came up as the NFL champions in their very first season as a NFL team.

1977 Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl Champions:

A team consisting of America’s war veterans, the Dallas Cowboys was really the team of America. It included Tom Landry, a pilot who served during World War II and Roger Staubach who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam war. However, there was something else that contributed in their journey towards greatness and lasting fame. It was a computer, yes, Cowboys used a computer for scouting purposes that was devised by a young indian engineer named Salam Qureishi and this computer led them to making decisions that were beneficial for them and they finally made it to the Super Bowl in 1977 after winning two play-offs in a row and ended their long streak of losing play-off and Super Bowl near-misses. In the 1977 Super Bowl they faced Broncos and won the Super Bowl with a considerable margin of 27-10.

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