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What You Need To Know Before Your Next Coffee Table Purchase

With the festive season fast approaching it’s time to find the perfect coffee table where your friends, family and those surprising guests can gather round for a glass of wine or late night hot chocolate. With a wide range of coffee tables Melbourne has to offer you are bound to find your perfect one. Before going out to purchase your new coffee table there are a few factors you need to take into consideration and decide on.

Decide on your budget

A good quality coffee table isn’t something that you buy often. This is a piece of furniture that you will want to keep and last for a long time. Be mindful that cheaper coffee tables on the market may not last you as long and will need replacing which may leave you spending even more money in the long run. A coffee table can be a beautiful centerpiece for displaying your beautiful coffee table books or a statement vase with flowers. You want to make sure your coffee table can withstand the weight of these objects. A good-quality piece is much better in the long run. If you’re aware of your budget, think about getting a smaller size coffee table that will last longer rather than a bigger poorly made one. 

Take time to learn about materials 

When buying your new coffee table, it’s important to learn about the different materials that are on the market and which one will not only suit your space best but also last you the longest. If you have a smaller living room look at coffee tables that have glass tops and slim legs. These styles will blend into the space rather than pulling attention when you walk into the room. Glass is a good material to create the appearance of an open space, however it will need a little extra cleaning will be required as it quickly leaves fingerprints and dusk which can be clearly seen. If you have small children glass may not be the best option as it’s easy for them to run into without seeing. If you’re not a fan of the contemporary style that glass coffee tables create, look at wooden tables which can create a rustic charm. Wooden pieces such as accoya wood can create a cosier and more inviting feel to your living room. Wood is also a durable material that will withstand the weight of heavier objects. If you are looking to create a feature in the middle of your living room then look at non-traditional designs made from metals. Consider which materials will also suit the people living in your home. With so many materials available take the time to research and decide which one is best for you, your family and your home. 

Size and proportion 

Before purchasing your new piece, start by taking the measurements of your living room and furniture that’s in it. It’s also worth taking photos of your space. When visiting showrooms having this information will be extremely helpful to show experts when they are assisting you. Make sure you’re purchasing a coffee table that will be in proportion with your room. If you have a smaller space consider purchasing two smaller rounder tables that can sit on either side of your couch. There are also many compact coffee tables available on the market designed for smaller space. Don’t forget about the height of the coffee table you would like. This is important so it doesn’t distort the look of your living room. Make sure you measure the height of your couch and the tv unit to ensure you’re not going to get a coffee table that blocks tv once it has accessories on it such as coffee table books, flowers and other objects.

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