Choosing The Right Television Stands

As a focal point in your home & the place wherein the family spends time together the most, LED TV stands make the perfect showcase for TVs.

Which is precisely why, choosing the right LED TV stand is so important. 

Selecting the right Full HD LED TV stand is especially important or those people that love having mini TV marathons in their living rooms, & binge-watch TV shows or movies. 

TV stands are equally important for TVs that are mounted on the wall, as well as for TVs that are placed on a piece of furniture.

If you have been able to select the Low price LED TV of your choice, but have been wondering about which TV stand to choose, then this article is just for you!

Read below to find out just how you should right television stands for your Full HD LED TVs. 


  1. Choosing the right viewing height


The last thing that you want while watching TV, is to cram your neck in awkward positions. To avoid this, select a proper viewing angle & height that allows you to watch TV at an adequate angle & height. 

For a more customized stand setup, measure your eye level when seated in front of the TV, making sure the central region of the TV isn’t much far above your sight line.

Choose a stand that has an appropriate height & angle, & one that comes along with a mount adjustment to allow you to set it up at adequate angles & heights for watching TV. 


  1. Choose a stand matching the TV size & width


For an extra wide TV, like a 40, or a 50-inch Full HD LED TV model, you need to carefully choose a stand that allows you to set aside extra space for a big TV.

To prevent any unnecessary overhang while mounting your Full HD LED TV or any other low price LED TV, choose TV stands that are wider than your display console. 

This is especially important if your TV is positioned in the middle of a room.

Even though a flat screen LED TV has a base for even weight distribution, it’s still important to choose a stand matching the size & the width of the TV, as otherwise you risk toppling the display. Also ensure that the stand offers enough weight capacity to handle the entire weight of the TV. 


  1. Choose a stand that complements your room layout


Even if you aren’t wild about pretty places & balanced interior designs, having your Full HD LED TV stand be the odd one out in the entire room doesn’t bode well. 

Hence, you should always choose a stand that complements your room layout, & falls in line with the rest of the design elements in the room.

In case your room is small, or is designed in a somewhat irregular way, you can also choose a stand with a swivel to facilitate TV viewing from almost every angle in the room without compromising the design of the room. 

Even if you mount the TV independently of a stand, you will still need a wall console for extra storage space to accommodate any extra design flaws in the room. 


  1. Pick the right TV stand material


TV stands are usually made of the following materials: wood, glass, metal, particle board, and medium-density fiberboard. Of these, wood, veneered plywood, & metal are long-lasting materials. Wood stands are especially recommended for families where there are small children, as they’re inherently heavy thus making them less likely to fall off in the event of kids’ pranks gone wrong. 

It might be tempting to buy a glass TV stand for your Full HD LED TV or low price LED TV as they’re durable & stylish, however, they require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean & crack-free. 

Thus glass stands are usually not recommended for households with little kids in them. 

If a wood TV stand goes a little out of budget for you, then a particle board or a medium density fibreboard may be low cost alternatives for wood. They offer less longevity than their wood counterparts, but are effective in the short term. 

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