How to Eliminate the Attack of Viruses on Your Clothing

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How to Eliminate the Attack of Viruses on Your Clothing

Do you want to buy a dry cleaner for taking care of your clothes? If yes, then these cleaners use specialized detergents and sanitizers that can kill bacteria and viruses. Due to the presence of heat in the dry cycle, it will reach the correct temperature to do away with those unwanted threats. Both antimicrobial soaps and commercial cleaning detergents can be used as coronavirus remain alive on the surfaces for few days. According to the World Health Organization or WHO, this makes dry cleaning or laundry works a must-do for your clothes.


  • Carry the heat – The cleaning equipments can reach virus killing temperatures during the dry cleaning phase. Your clothing will be checked individually before it goes for drying. In case they cannot withstand a dry cycle, the cleaning agents will look for another option for getting them cleaned.


  • Sanitise the machines and controls between the loads After the cleaning and pressing works are done, each garment will be stored in plastic for protection and cleanliness.It is advised to recycle plastic bags at the store once you are done with them.


How to keep the clothes clean and dirt free during the outbreak of COVID-19


You need to perform lots of laundry and dry cleaning service at home. Based on your present situation, the cleaning agents will give some measures for the best practice that will allow your clothes to remain clean and free from virus.


  • Wash your clothes after using them for once – During the coronavirus, it is extremely important to wash your clothes after one use. You should also wash them even after you go for a 5 minute trip at the grocery store. This can help to lessen the risk of spreading this virus to other areas and on your clothing.
  • Run laundry in hot water if it won’t damage garments in the machine – Every person knows how to take proper care of their clothing. If hot water damages specific items, then you may clean them at cooler temperature cycle. Washing in extremely hot water is most effective for getting rid of viruses from the clothes.
  • Dry your clothes with proper heat It is not suggested drying specialty garments or athletic wear. Make sure you check the care label to know if drying your garment is really a safe option.


How safe it is to clean clothing by using a dry cleaner


Whether you are washing your clothes at home or using our pick up and delivery service, it is necessary to be adamant about cleaning the clothing. It is important to know if your clothing are in clodr contact with someone else’s clothing as any virus or bacteria present will be killed through the dry cleaning method or laundry process. There have also been additional measures in the vehicles and proper facilities for keeping everyone safe.


  • All drivers should wear a face mask and hand gloves
  • Lessened contact at the time of pick up and deliveries when leaving your orders outside
  • Clear protection plastic covers should be used for all returned clothing. This has to be recycled on the next order by placing it inside your green bag.
  • The vehicles should be sanitized constantly to keep the “mobile office” clean.


Thus, you need to search for the best laundry and dry cleaning service in London and get your clothes cleaned from these professionals. You will also be assured that viruses and bacteria won’t damage your attire in anyway.

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