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Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Locations in Dubai

Dubai is the financial hub of the Middle East and there’s no denying that the opportunities that exist in the emirate are unlike any other. The only thing that a foreign investor is worried about is the ability to own the land. That’s precisely why the government of the emirate has made sure to provide ample freehold areas to cater to the increasing investor interests in the region. For startups and small businesses that need to lay their foundations with little investment, there are many options available as well. Needless to say, you can find a lot of shops for rent in Dubai along with office spaces and even warehouses for your business needs. Once you grow to a level when you’re ready to own the land, you can start to look for freehold areas.

When it comes to commercial real estate, Dubai offers a lot of variety as well as affordability. Let’s take a look at the top places you can look forward to investing in:

Business Bay, Dubai

This is the most lucrative and investment-friendly area in the whole emirate. Although other places exist that offer similar perks and advantages but none can compete with those provided by Business Bay. Since it’s the centre for business and commercial as well as industrial markets, you can be sure that the environment is ideal for professionals. You can find ample office spaces, shops and even whole floors for commercial use. Other than that, if your business requires you to have bulk units, you’ll not run out of options in the Business Bay area.

With accessibility and close proximity to a number of central locations in the city such as DIFC, Al Safa, Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Road, the whole emirate is present right outside your doorstep. Moreover, people who travel a lot for their businesses will find the area to be conveniently close to the airport since it’s just 15 minutes away. In addition to this, local commute to the place is easy as it has its own transit station, the Business Bay Metro Station. For those who wish to take a cab or bus, there are plenty of options available.

Jumeirah Lake Towers:

Like always, Jumeirah shows up as one of the most demanded areas even when it comes to commercial real estate. Although people look towards the JLT as an ideal residential option, the businesses operating in the area can vouch for its compatibility with their commercial needs. Since it’s a freehold zone that offers a plethora of markets surrounding it, the interest investors show in the area is unparalleled.

Just like Business Bay, you’ll find a range of office spaces, commercial floors and shops. The locality offers amenities and facilities for residents as well as professionals on breaks. Boasting a healthy lifestyle along with the opportunity to conduct business, JLT takes the second spot on the list of best places to look for commercial real estate investment in Dubai.

Jebel Ali:

Best suited for businesses that deal in logistics and manufacturing, Jebel Ali ranks third on the list of top places for commercial real estate investment in Dubai. Since it’s a port, the possibilities for people dealing in trades of different industries can find the opportunity to have the world within arm’s reach. Import and export options along with governmental support make this the busiest port in all of Middle East.

With over 7,000 companies operating in the area, Jebel Ali allows for remarkable business and retail options. You can find labour camps, warehouses and office spaces for sale and rent at different rates. Depending upon your needs and the business you’re looking to do, you’ll find competitors, sponsors, employees and a professional environment. Moreover, there are many amenities and facilities in the area that increase its overall appeal to people who wish to live near their workplaces. For those who are looking to invest in a commercial plot or build up factories on industrial land, Jebel Ali provides the perfect opportunity.

International City:

This is a neighbourhood in Dubai that boasts of massive cultural diffusion. With different groups of people settling in from various places in the world and interacting to cooperate and co-exist, the environment becomes extraordinary. The infrastructural development in the area features almost 10 clusters that each bear the name of the country that the majority of the residents belong to.

For small businesses that are looking for opportunities to start something that doesn’t require much capital, International City is the ideal choice. You’ll find retail options such as shops for rent and sale, retail centres that offer commercial floors and comfortable living options as well. In addition to this, the close proximity to Ras Al Khor Industrial Area grants you the ability to look for bigger options as well. 


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