Forgotten Password on iPhone? – How to Unlock and Access?

In this article, we’ll look at how to restore a forgotten iPhone password, i.e. gain access legally to your phone.

Data security on the iPhone is an important issue. Suppose you don’t have to worry about breaking into the file structure. In that case, Apple products work on operating systems with closed software code, which excludes any penetration from the outside – then the phone must be protected from direct interference. There are several ways to do this. Starting with the iPhone 5, the developers introduced a fingerprint system. Yes, the technology, which used to be seen only in foreign films, is now available to everyone. To unlock your smartphone, you need to attach your finger to the “Home” button. The system registers the print in advance. Touch ID can support as many as five users. This means that five different fingerprints can be recorded in the system.


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But the protection can fail – the sensor will fail, the glass on the button will scratch, or something will happen to the papillary patterns on the finger. For such cases, the developers provided insurance. Each user is asked to enter a digital code with which to unlock the gadget, bypassing the fingerprint system. The iPhone to 5 models had only password protection. What to do if I forget the cherished code? After all, many are trying to come up with the most complex combination of numbers, thereby increasing security. Often people become hostages of their maximalism. But don’t worry. There are several ways to unlock the iPhone.

Bypass the lock with iTunes

In addition to downloading music and apps, iTunes is an Apple device file manager. It is the advanced capabilities of this software that allow you to unlock the iPhone without a password. There are two options for the development of events.

  1. Remove the lock without losing data.
  2. Recovery, the consequence of which is the loss of information.

To keep the data intact, you need to keep the phone naturally turned on – successfully moving from the download screen to the unlock screen – and connecting the gadget to the computer with a pre-installed iTunes program. If unforeseen circumstances were valid and the iPhone does not load further than the Apple logo (due to a breakdown or for any other reason), you will not be able to get around the lock without losing data. But that’s not a fact. If a person uses cloud servers to store information, then the phone will be restored without unpleasant consequences.

Unlock without losing data

If your phone is usually loaded, you should connect it to your computer. Then we open the iTunes program. Then we find the “Devices” tab. You’ll see a list where you want to select the iPhone you want to unlock. Next, click the Review tab. A window will open where you choose to restore your iPhone. Now the phone is ready to use again.

To keep content entirely safe, iTunes needs to be the one from which all the information was previously downloaded. If you use a “foreign” program, it is impossible to restore the phone without a partial loss. This is because when the iPhone is connected to iTunes, data is synchronized. If a particular application is on the smartphone but is not in the media player, then this software will be automatically removed.

Unlock with data loss

When you can’t load your phone correctly, you have to use a backup option where all settings are reset to factory settings and the information on the memory card is removed. The process is:

  • Install the newest version of iTunes.
  • Let’s move on to the firmware update feature. To do this, we launch iTunes, connect the USB cable to the phone enabled, while clamping the “Home” buttons and on/off. When the smartphone screen goes out, we let go of the power button, but continue to press “Home.” In a few seconds, the “Device Firmware Update” will appear on display.
  • Next, you want to press the Recovery button on iTunes and wait for the new firmware to load and install.

After these manipulations, the smartphone will be loaded without a password and previously stored information on it. This method is valid both on the early models and on the new iPhone 7. 

All Apple users are encouraged to back up their data. It’s easy to do with the same iTunes.

Unlock with iCloud

This option, like the previous one, involves updating the firmware with the subsequent loss of content if there is no backup in the cloud storage.

To make the method that works, you need to have the Find iPhone app on your phone. It should be installed in advance. Another condition is the internet connection. It doesn’t matter how the cellular operator, Wi-Fi, through the computer.

Unlocking takes place in several stages.

  1. Check whether your smartphone is connected to the internet.
  2. Go to iCloud and activate the Find iPhone app.
  3. After that, make sure your phone is available for synchronization. If so, a green light bulb is lit next to the name of the smartphone.
  4. Choose the device you want by clicking on its image. If you do it right, you will open a menu, where we choose the item “Wipe iPhone.”
  5. We confirm the action.
  6. At the last stage, there will be a password entry window from Apple ID. We do this and click “Ready.”

When the process is complete, the phone will be available for use again. Restore data is available if you’ve set up a backup on iCloud or iTunes.

Unlocking your smartphone with Jailbreak

Jailbreak is an operation that makes the iOS file system available after that. Officially, such manipulations are not supported by Apple. This procedure opens up many possibilities for users: to install informal themes, tweaks, download applications from third-party sources. If the smartphone was exposed to Jailbreak, the previous methods, where the settings were reset to the factory, will not be suitable. Once the iPhone is restored, all old firmware is removed. This applies to Jailbreak, whose installation is accompanied by the erasure of Apple’s licensed digital signature, without which, after installing the updated operating system, the device will be blocked.

To avoid this, you need to use a unique utility SemiRestore. Before you apply for the program, you need to download a set in advance to encrypt interactions with OpenSSH networks. For smartphones with Jailbreak, it is available to do in the digital store Cydia.

The process of unlocking:

  • Install on a personal computer SemiRestore.
  • We connect the phone to the PC.
  • We run SemiRestore, waiting for the program to recognize the device.
  • If all is right, the next panel will open, where we click on SemiRestore. The process of cleaning up the information is activated.

During cleaning, the screen can be turned on and off several times. It is ok. Once the process is complete, you can recover the data from the backups and come up with a new password.

Presented methods are suitable for any models, let it be the iPhone 6, 7, 5 or 4.


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