Can We Recover Deleted Files From Mac?

An Apple Mac is a prized possession because of its prize, brand value, and functionality. But in the unfortunate event of data loss, even the world’s best laptop may seem a disaster that one must overcome. Can this be done? Well, yes! There are a few simple ways to recover deleted files from Mac. Read further to know more.

First things first, you should know where a deleted file goes. All files are data on your hard drive and it goes to the trashcan once you delete it or if it gets deleted accidentally. In case of data loss, the following steps may be useful.

1. Sift through the Trash Can 

Located at the end of your dock, the trash can contains all the intentionally as well as unintentionally deleted files. Right-click it and click the “Open” command, and the list of files that you have deleted recently will appear. If you are someone who does not empty the trashcan quiet frequently, more are the chances of discovering older files too. Additional Tip: If you find out files that are really of no use for you but are occupying space in your trashcan, then delete those right away and save yourself some disk space.

2. Check the Externally Connected Trash Cans

USB flash File drive or external hard drives have their own Trash. If your data is stored in any of these external devices, you may check for deleted files here. However, a bit of digging deeper will be required as Mac by default creates a few files that are hidden folders whenever an external drive is used. These folders, which also includes “Trashes” contains the trash for that drive.

3. Take Professional Help

If the first two steps fail, it is time to connect to data recovery services in Perth. The biggest concern while recovering data is data being overwritten in the course of recovery. Once overwritten, it is nearly impossible to fully recover your data. That is why, instead of struggling all alone to recover data even after one or two failed attempts, it is a wise step to seek professional help. Data recovery experts use sophisticated software, which scans your hard drive for any files that are still waiting to be overwritten and bring your documents back from the computer’s wasteland.

Another reason to find Mac data recovery in Melbourne or other Australian cities is the requirement of additional computer while recovering data using the software. Software to recover data should be downloaded on a separate computer and then should be put on a flash drive. This is because any extra data you put on your hard drive could overwrite the files and the last thing you would want is downloading overwriting the data that you want to recover.

Besides, it is pertinent to remember that paid data recovery services ensure that you do not end up downloading any other malware or virus while downloading data recovery software. After all, it is common knowledge that when a service or product is free, then the end-user becomes the product. Therefore, no harm in paying extra and taking professional help to recover data than relying on free data recovery software and risk losing it all.

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