Inbound Marketing: 10 Video Marketing Strategies For Your Content

The  video  is, today, the king format. And, therefore, not including it in your  inbound marketing strategy  would be a big mistake, since in the inbound methodology, the content strategy is key to reaching the right buyer person and accompanying them through the different stages of the sales funnel.

However, we have been focusing for a long time on textual content, on posts, guides, ebooks … Forgetting a dynamic and highly visual format that is becoming the favorite of users: video.

Why is it the preferred format for users? We will see this next, so you will get an idea of ​​the brutal importance of video in inbound marketing; As well as I will reveal  the best strategies for you to create videos that help you attract traffic , convert them into leads and finally customers.

The importance of video marketing 

Most users have a hectic pace of life and time is precious to them. For this reason, they often prefer to consume an  attractive audiovisual content   than to read a post of two thousand words. And why not put yourself in the shoes of your audience to make things easier for them?

It is important to take into account the tastes of the users, their preferences, in order to satisfy them and  generate more engagement . But you should also know that video has a strong impact because it is easy to share and can easily go  viral . It is a format with which the user feels very comfortable, since they can give a “like”, leave comments and share it.

On the other hand, users prefer the video format because they understand the message more clearly and easily and do not need to try too hard to retain it in their memory. Although with  TikTok it  is shown that users like to be creative and to be challenged.

In addition to this, videos have the  power to immediately connect  with the user because you can tell stories that sympathize with them, convey emotions that touch their hearts, share experiences and, ultimately, all this will help them retain your message for longer. his head.

As if that were not enough,  video marketing, in  addition to providing great value to the user, positions itself in search engines, which will allow you to appear in the first Google searches if you use the keywords correctly.


Why integrate video into your Inbound Marketing strategy? 

Taking into account the stages of the  inbound methodology  (recruitment, conversion, sale and loyalty), it will be necessary to analyze what content and what format to offer the user depending on the stage they are in.

Normally, in the recruitment stage, there   is a tendency to create  valuable content  on a blog and on social networks, with the aim of attracting visitors. Then, in the next phase ( conversion ), the goal is for the visitor to become a lead to nurture it and finally take it to the  sale .

To get leads, visitors must leave their personal data to store it in our database. But, how to motivate them to leave us their email? Here we will have to give them something of value in exchange and therefore we will have to create a lead magnet.

One of the most common content used to attract  leads  is the ebook and guides, although what is working very well are the videos, in the form of tutorials and success stories.

As you can see, the habits and tastes of users constantly evolve and change. And the trend now is that users want to consume content in a more visual way because it is easy to understand, creates a strong emotional bond with them and they are interactive.

For all these reasons, marketers should consider including video in their inbound marketing strategy if they want their campaigns to succeed.

10 ideas to take advantage of video in your content strategy

Surely after analyzing the pros of video marketing, you will want to integrate it into your inbound strategy to streamline the processes in the  sales funnel  and achieve conversions.

And for this, I have created this list with  the 10 best video marketing strategies , which will help you connect with users and accompany them on their journey (discovery, consideration, decision, conversion, loyalty).

1) Courses 

A course  platform will help you capture leads and position your brand as a benchmark of knowledge in your sector.

For example, we have a  training platform with marketing courses . With this, in a short time we have managed to gain brand positioning, more visibility and attract potential customers. It can also become an important source of income for the company.


2) Webinars 

The  webinars  are informative pills that are used to explain a particular subject (sometimes can be part of a broad agenda of a course or master) and usually last between 1 and 2 hours.

It is a format that generates a lot of engagement when  broadcast live , so attendees can answer their questions at that time.

Therefore, webinars are an inbound marketing strategy that serves to encourage new contacts to leave their data, and thus work on it later to take it for sale.

Users have already discovered who you are, have detected their problem and are aware that you can solve it. So the webinar will be the trigger to persuade the user to buy your product or hire your service.

3) Tutorials 

In the recruitment phase we will offer more generic content, focused on solving a problem. Here we seek to attract traffic with content of value for the user and one of these contents is  tutorials .

This is one of the formats preferred by the user, it is very useful because they resolve their doubts directly, step by step. This is an example of one of our video tutorials uploaded to the YouTube channel:

4) Success stories 

Like testimonials,  success stories  work very well to improve the credibility of a page. It is another marketing strategy that serves to attract leads, to get users to leave their data in exchange for that content.

At this stage, as with the webinar, the user has an idea of ​​what their problem is and how to solve it. With this in mind, it is time to offer you more specialized content through a video success story.

5) Q&A 

Another type of content to create videos and generate value to the user would be the typical  questions and answers directed to your potential client .

Instead of having a written FAQ section on your  landing page  or in the contact section, a video with this information will be an important differentiating point.

6) YouTube channel

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. This means that you should have a presence on this channel to make noise and boost your brand.

As in any other social network, I advise you to plan a  content strategy on YouTube . In this way, you can add value to the user in their knowledge and research phase.

For example, in  our YouTube channel , the contents most sought after by the user are tutorials, guides, tips and recommendations, tools … They are contents that serve to answer questions, offer value, create community and retain them to later convert them into customers.


7) Digital events

Although a few years ago, the celebration of some  digital or virtual events  was already a trend, now these events have exploded much more, as a result of the coronavirus. In a short time we have gone from physical events to digital ones. And without a doubt, it is an opportunity that we must take advantage of to reflect the brand values ​​and add value to the audience.

The objective of a digital event is to add value and offer help above all to the attendees. That will be what will push the user to continue moving through the conversion funnel of your business.

8) Video Ads 

According to Create Whiteboard Animation Online Most marketers use  video for their Facebook and other social media ads  to capture leads. Specifically, Facebook ads usually carry a call to action that direct to a landing page for the user to leave their data.

Currently, although Facebook is stable in organic, the ads on this channel are having a great reach. It is still the platform, after Google, with the most active users (900 million are active daily). In addition, 100 million hours of video are played on Facebook every day, which means that users like this type of format.

Although Facebook is having a great pull in this regard, you should also consider including the video on other social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Snapchat. The only thing you have to consider is  which is the most appropriate social network  to promote your videos.


9) Infographic videos

Another way to present data that is more difficult to understand is through  infographic videos . At this point, the user is in a phase of knowledge and investigation.

So showing video infographics can be a fun and entertaining way to explain a message in a simpler way. A way to connect with users and can be easily shared.

10) Spots

They are the classic ads that appear on television and in digital media (social networks, in the media, YouTube, etc.)


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