Benefits of Online Proctoring

In the current time, the number of candidates for online learning has increased. Most of the schools, universities, and colleges are conducting exams using online proctoring. There are many reasons for doing so. And the coronavirus pandemic has been added to the list of the reasons. Cheating is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to conducting exams online. The biggest fear of giving good grades to undeserving candidates also comes up with online examinations. Such times call for Remote Proctoring. Having a remote proctoring ensures the conduction of exams fairly. 

We all know how offline examinations work. The number of invigilators in offline exam centers is so high. The ratio of teacher and student ranges from 2:20 or 1:15. Many examination authorities hire highly experienced invigilators. Similarly, highly experienced invigilators are hired to monitor activities on the screen. These people ensure secure and safe conduction of examination. They are also responsible for maintaining a rigorous test-taking and a cheat-proof environment. 

In Online Proctoring, teachers view applicants through a screen. The invigilation process is automated. AI integrated services have allowed people to monitor candidates online. 

In today’s world, there are thousands of options to conduct an online assessment securely. For many online exams, one needs to download online exam software before the exam. One has to log in before actually giving the online exam. One has to authenticate one’s identity by holding the i-card to the camera. Nowadays, a candidate’s identity can also be authenticated by facial recognition.  

There are so many benefits of Online Proctoring. Let’s have an insight into one of them:

Accuracy: Online examination majorly works on software. And software can never go wrong. The software can handle a lot without any errors. The precision of recording every detail has made people choose online examinations over the years. As technology is getting updated the efficiency and applications of AI are growing. This is one of the primary reasons which make the software more handy than humans. Also, machines can work at any odd hours. Humans usually follow a time clock. 

Efficiency: When the process is automated it takes less time and labor compared with human methods. The integration AI enables the person to set the number of questions to be asked in an examination. Even in assessments teachers and management are using this model because of its efficiency. At the same time as conducting exams invigilators get detailed information about the candidate in the real-time situation. 

Budget-Friendly: Online Assessments are pocket-friendly. If compared online and offline assessments, the costs incurred for conducting exams are much lesser than conducting offline assessments. Online assessments also cut the cost of paper and ink. It also reduces human labor and human dependency for conducting exams. Humans need proper training and practice to perform a set of activities. The chances of making errors are reasonably high for humans. 

No Travel Time: People usually choose online assessments over offline because of the plethora of advantages that online assessment has to offer. In online assessment, one can give exams or sign for assessment from the comfort of his or her home. Online assessment not only cuts the travel time but also reduces the nervousness before the exam as the surroundings are very familiar to the candidate. There is no alienation which adds to the nervousness factor of any kind. 

Engagement: AI-based software can improve the quality of online exam conduction which will in the end give the best experience to its users. So many recruiting companies to use this software for hiring and recruiting candidates. This way both recruiters and candidates (recruitee) can make better decisions. 

Online Proctoring Software has opened endless doors to so many possibilities in the online assessment sector. In the current time of the coronavirus pandemic, this online assessment has saved the education sector. It is because of online education that students throughout the globe have access to education at a very budget-friendly price. The beauty of technology is its credibility and integrity. This has become a “new standard” in the current time. 

We hope this blog has given you an insight into the dynamic workings and fundamentals of an online assessment. For more such blogs, do visit us.

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