What You Need To Know About Industrial Rope Access

Rope access offers many benefits for your property whether it’s for living or for work. At Max Access we will bring years of knowledge and competency to each area of rope access. Read on to discover the benefits of rope access for your property.

Firstly, What is Industrial Rope Access? 

Rope access has a wide range of strengths and advantages over other older access equipment. Industrial rope access is a safe method of working from a range of heights.  Ropes and other highly effective and efficient equipment are used to maintain workers ‘ accessibility to the location for the best work positioning to get the best results. Rope access produces the highest results when working on any building that involves heights. 

Where Can This Be Used? 

Industrial rope access can be used across a large selection of industries, buildings, and places. In recent years contemporary inner-city buildings have become more multiplex in design and in architecture. These modern buildings are reaching unprecedented heights. Max Access is equipped and certified with deep knowledge of Melbourne’s complex structures and buildings which allows us to work on even the most complicated jobs in the city. They carry out each job with ease and dependence. As the city grows and the outer city areas expand, so do our specialists and team as they change and evolve to expand their knowledge and skillset.


Industrial rope access establishes the rate at which our team can get to building sites. Using the right rope access methods allows our multi-skilled technicians to fulfill their work efficiently without impacting other jobs or trades working simultaneously. Using industrial rope instead of older access techniques reduces the number of people required on the job and the hours to get the job done. All of the equipment used is fastly dismantles in comparison to other access methods. This offers far fewer disruptions and complications on the building site. This creates a faster outcome with great end results. 

No Interruptions 

One of the many advantages of rope access is the non-invasive nature of the equipment used. The fast set up procedure plus no old machinery being used, means there are no disruptions that will occur while your project is getting completed. The team will be out of the way while completing the jobs. This allows your business or home to continue to function as it normally does. The easiness that comes with the lightweight rope access reduces any risk of damaging the exterior of your building. By using this method you are able to eliminate any unwanted scaffolding that would change the appeal of the building.

Cost Saver 

With less equipment required, it means there is less manpower and set up the time needed. These factors bring the cost of the job down lower than other methods of access. This also results in an increase in productivity from the efficiency and speed that rope access brings to a job.  

Safety First

Rope access is known for its high safety record when it comes to working from heights. Max Access works to IRATA standards which is arguably the highest standard of Rope Access world-wide. We have the best safety standards with our experienced technicians. Our team will always apply the best safety work methods when handling the job at hand.

Here to Help

Max access will give each and every client the best service when it comes to industrial rope access, height safety, and complicated access solutions within the commercial, construction, and maintenance sectors.

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