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Is your mood swing normal? When to see the doctor?

Mood swings are generally common to notice in every individual at least one point in their lifetime. We may feel joy one moment or sad the other moment but, as far as the degree of mood swing doesn’t hinder your normal life, it is considered as normal. If the mood swing or the rapid behavioural change affects your daily living, then visiting the doctor is a must to find the underlying cause for the fluctuation in the mood habits.

Here in this article, let’s find the factors that cause mood swing, a few triggering agents and when you need to see the doctor. Keep reading the post to know more about this.

What are the various causes of mood swings?

The rapid changes in mood, behaviour can be due to

  • Mental health:

The sudden shift in the mood change that caused due to mental health can be because of

  • Cyclothymic disorder: It is similar to a bipolar disorder where the individual sees the shift in the mood change which is, normally mild compared to the bipolar disorder.
  • Major depressive disorder (MDD): Individuals may have a persistent feeling of depression for a long time and may interfere with their routine.
  • Bipolar disorder: In bipolar disorder individuals may see a drastic change in the behaviour from extremely sad to extremely happy. The swift is generally seen only a few times in a year.
  • Personality disorders: Individuals see rapid changes for a short period.
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD): Children experience DMD in the form of irritability, intense temper outburst, and anger during their development stage. Children may require medical attention and should be diagnosed at the earliest, to prevent them from further mental disorders.
  • Dysthymia: Dysthymia is where the individuals experience a chronic form of depression.
  • Hormonal imbalance: It is very common to see individuals have a hormonal imbalance will experience mood swing. But, if you are experiencing severe mood shifts consult the doctor immediately and get them treated right away as it can sometimes hinder the daily life. Your doctor may suggest doing a few hormone tests and based on the blood report, he or she may prescribe medicines to treat the issue. If medicines are prescribed, order them from a trusted shop for medicine online and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.
  • Substance abuse: If you are addicted to alcohol or involved in using drugs, then it can bring severe mood swings. If you or your loved ones are involved in such substance abuse character, get the help of the doctor to treat the same.
  • Medical and other health issues: Certain medical conditions like thyroid, cardiovascular disease, or any medical issues that affect the central nervous system can bring a greater impact on the mood of the individuals. 

What are the triggering agents that bring mood swift?

Extreme mood swift can be caused due to certain triggering agents like:

  • Stress
  • Changes in the lifestyle
  • Swift in the sleep-wake cycle
  • Certain medications

If you change any of your regular habits and experiences a sudden shift in your mood, keep a track on the habits which you modified recently to know the cause of the underlying mood change. This helps the doctor to understand whether the shift triggered in you is caused due to it.

When to see the doctor?

We all may experience the mood swing once in a while. But, experiencing sudden mood swift frequently can damage life entirely.  Yes! The sudden shift from the happy mood to the sad mood may be caused due to any serious underlying medical conditions which might require immediate medical attention. Schedule an appointment with the doctor immediately to determine the cause and resolve the same. If medications are prescribed, order them from the best site to buy medicine online in India at the comfort of your home and get amazing discounts on every order you place.   

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