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How To Train For A Half Ironman

Have you decided to challenge yourself by entering into a half iron man? This will be one of the most rewarding experiences you can achieve. This does, however, require a dedicated half ironman training program. Here are some main tips that will help you in preparing for this challenge. 

It’s All About Timing

Completing a half iron man generally means you’ll be racing approximately between five to seven hours. It’s important when you’re training to exercise for this amount of time so you’re prepared. Set aside training days where you can swim, cycle, and run. 


With all the training you’re doing it’s important to fuel your body correctly. The main component is to understand the calories needed and how much you burn during your exercises to make sure you have enough energy. Training days are really important so you can understand what is required and see how your energy levels are tracking throughout the day. From here, you’ll be able to develop a solid plan when it comes to the actual race day. 

Comfort Is Key 

It’s important to invest in comfortable gear to ensure you can move and remain focused to the best of your ability. The last thing you want is to suffer from blisters and burns which can hinder your performance. It’s important to throw away the old uniform and purchase several pairs of new bike shorts, a few pairs of running shoes that you can change up when you need. Once you’ve purchased your new pieces make sure you trial them out to make sure they are correct before the race. 

Involve Friends And Family 

Training can be lonely so it’s important to involve friends and family throughout your training journey. It’s important to have a strong support system that can assist you in tracking your timing. Communicate with them and let them know you’re training timing plan. 

Stay Mentally Fit

As mentioned, training for this can get pretty lonely by yourself. It’s important to not only look after yourself physically but also your state of mind. How you feel mentally can make all the difference to your performance. Your practice days of running and riding is the perfect time to focus on this. Research some mantras that you connect with and repeat these during your training sessions. There will no doubt be difficult challenges you will face during the race, and knowing how to handle them is key. Having something you can repeat to yourself to get you through the tough times will be extremely beneficial. 

Intensity & Pace Training 

There is a big difference between shorter races to a Half Ironman. It’s important to understand your strategy and pace for both of these will need to be different. If you start your half ironman to fast and hard you will run out of puff halfway through and barely make it to the finish line. Take time in training to practice establishing a consistent pace that you can maintain the whole way through. Figure out your heart rate, pacing zones and power. Testing these before the race will help you decide the zones for you to race in. 

Good luck!

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