8 Ways to Make Your Business Green for the Environment

Businesses these days cannot ignore sustainability anymore as the world is facing major environmental problems. Even the customers expect their favourite brands to take green initiative for a safe the future of this planet. As the business owner, it is now your responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The whole process of adopting green alternative may take some initial investment. But you will save a fair amount of money in the long run. If you need some advice to start, here are 6 ways to adopt the green initiative in your business to save money.

You don’t have to start investing thousands of pounds in implementing sustainable practices. Start with small changes to get benefit in the long-turn. These changes include slightly turning down the heating temperature or switching off the lights of empty rooms.

When you find other such small tactics to save electricity, the savings increase substantially. Ask every employee to turn off their system at the end of the day. While it may not be possible to replace the existing equipment, make sure the equipment you buy from now is energy efficient.

  • Select the Right Vehicle

Many businesses offer their employees company cars to travel or commute. The fuel consumption in these vehicles is not healthy for the environment and your company’s budget. A little change in policy and vehicles is always recommended for energy and cost-efficiency.

Based on the travel route of employees, check if electric vehicles are a viable solution or not. They are eco-friendly and cheaper than other fuel alternatives. Also, the overall cost is reduced by government policies with leniency on taxes and insurance.

You can ask the employees to carpool instead of travelling solo. There are subscription-based mobility services, which saves you the trouble of owning the vehicle.

  • Install Smart Meter

Small and medium enterprises can reduce their energy consumption by up to 25% by using energy efficiency tactics. Smart meter installation is one such example of a measure where you get real-time access to data about their energy consumption. This data includes where and how the energy is being used.

You need this insight to make changes in your current strategy. It is a part of the Smart Grid development to reduce the carbon emission to zero.

  • Use Renewable Energy

The best investment you can make to future-proof the enterprise’s energy requirement is by switching to renewable energy. It is the need of the hour and enormously cheaper than traditional energy sources. Many service providers are offering renewable energy to businesses.

Solar energy is a great investment from your company’s funds. You are self-dependent on the energy, and the cost is minimal after the initial investment. It could also generate additional revenue for the business.

  • Choose Green Vendors

You can change the existing vendors for the ones that follow an aggressive sustainability strategy. This will promote a culture of using green measures within the industry. However, it doesn’t mean you need to make some extreme changes.

Start with the small entities in your supply chain. You can ask the paper suppliers for recycled papers. Ask whether the delivery company uses energy-efficient vehicles. Ask the vendors about their sustainability efforts.

These changes will reflect your serious commitment and effort towards a sustainable future. Your customers and investors may very well appreciate them.

  • Eliminate the Use of Plastic

Plastic is a significant concern for the environment with marine life suffering the most. You cannot cut it entirely because we have made ourself dependent on it. But there are ways to reduce its use or at least recycle it.

  • Do not use the packaged water bottles in your office.
  • Ban the use of plastic straws in the office.
  • Use a water filter instead.
  • Either eliminate or reduce the plastic use in packaging and other activities.

As the owner, it is your responsibility to promote a sustainable environment in the office. Educate the employees about the future with the same plastic consumption. You don’t have to micro-manage their plastic use inside office if they understand its harms.

  • Change Light Bulbs

Switching to energy-efficient lighting do save a considerable amount of money over the long run. It is a small change that requires little efforts and investment. But the returns are more than you might be thinking.

The LED bulbs use minimal energy when compared to the fluorescent and incandescent lights. Also, there will be no toxic gases or mercury to create an unhealthy environment. Take unemployed loans to make for the budget if the business is still on the planning stage.

  • Promote Sustainable Culture

You need to promote a work culture that has energy efficiency at the core. Introduce new policies and measures to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development. Your employees will get motivated if you lead the efforts.

Create goals about achieving a certain level of efficiency with a celebration at the end. Engage the staff and ask them for ideas.

To sum up, going green is a journey that will take time and efforts. You must add the aspect of sustainability in every decision you make. The result will help not only the environment but also the company finances.

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