Enjoy Unlimited Benefits With One Enrolment Into This Training On-The-Job Program!

In the world of rising competition, everyone aims for improvement in some particular area and wish to gain expertise. Enrollment into professional courses is a popular way to improve performance & define future career growth.
To acquire advanced and better skills, people opt for such professional courses. Apart from adding skills, training also boosts confidence and offer many multi-facet benefits with the continuous need to upgrade skills and sustain the fierce competition. These professional courses enable candidates to identify strengths and weaknesses.

HCL First Careers is one such training on-the-job program that is popular among the youth. The course with a 360-degree structure assures job after training and focuses on developing and empowering fresh graduates who eye a career in IT sector. Through the program, the module vests and trains the candidates with practical skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the first job.

The program trains candidates through the practical skills required to be in the industry. This includes both technical and soft skill development. Experienced professionals guide candidates to develop and adapt to industry standards. The training module extends beyond theory and focuses on practical application for all-round success.

The program offers the best-in-class, skill-based training programs for entry-level jobs at HCL. The trainees go through a strict selection procedure and training.

The program is planned out in a three months duration during which it stresses on Communication training, virtual classroom training and professional practice term (on-job training). The trainees get to work in Human Resource Support Center, Financial Support System & Business Services.

Who can qualify for the program?

HCL TSS hiring program is more than training, and the benefits extend beyond training. It aims to open viable career opportunities and accelerate professional growth in the IT sector. Graduate Engineers and fresher graduates can enrol into this program.
Upon completion of the program, trainees get placed as Application Development, Testing, IT Maintenance and support in HCL.
The job training programs are adjusted to the industry’s needs, which benefits both the aspirants and working professionals. Here are some other advantages to this professional course:

Maintain your professional form: With this professional course, you are exposed to new and fresh ideas that keep you updated in your area of interest. Professional training helps to counter the challenges faced in day-to-day operations.

Distinction from others: Employers settle for people who have a distinct quality to offer to their organizational goals. These courses teach new things and advanced concepts that empower you with a tactical approach. With a more creative and innovative perspective, you can head to better solutions.

Ability to contribute more: With advanced knowledge and constant learning, you have much more capability to contribute than your counterparts. Professional courses expose you to new ideas, perceptions, and knowledge to get a competitive edge.

Enhances creativity: Creativity never stops evolving but needs constant feeding. Learning gets you knowledge of ongoing trends & enhances creativity. You learn to try different approaches and improve your functionality.

Professional approach to customer demands: Professional courses teach you the best way to attract and engage customers. You can better & effectively meet your clients’ demands.
Early Career benefit & Assured Job: Be ahead of your peers and kickstart career at HCL.

Financial Independence: The training programs push you towards financial independence soon after college.

World-Class Training: The trainees get access to the best training facilities with all the modern technologies. HCL TSS trainees learn under the expert guidance of skilled and experienced experts

Exciting Career Opportunities: With training programs, you can excel your career and opt-out of numerous job roles. The on-job training and on-site visits and working on live projects impart a different level of knowledge.

Job Roles: Training opportunities and job roles in prestigious projects in areas of Application and Infrastructure support, testing, and CAD Support.

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