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Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

To put it simply, yes. You do need a real estate agent. For those who think that they can do everything on their own, you got a sea of troubles coming. There are a ton of things you need to do and go through when you’re considering buying or even renting out a property. From detailed background checks and to extensive property inspections, your real estate agent is key to a great deal.

They’re Reliable

Compared with other places, Dubai real estate agents are much more reliable. The presence of authorities like RERA and DLD makes it impossible for anyone to encounter problems or shady deals. Moreover, you can refer to the authorities if you find that you’ve been scammed or defrauded. You just need to make sure they have their brokerage license and run it against RERA’s list of registered brokers.

You’re bound to need the agent’s help with almost everything. Since you don’t know the documents you need and the legal procedure of getting it all attested and officiated, the agent is needed. When you go to a property for a visit, your agent will come with you to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Regardless of whether it’s a rental or an investment home, agents try to do their best in finding the most reliable and long-lasting investment.

They Exhaust All Options

Needless to say, whether you’re going for direct deals with developers or getting a property from an existing owner, you need an agent. Irrespective of the area, your agent will come up with the best options that suit your needs. If places like Dubai Marina, JLT, JVC, or Mulberry Dubai Hills fulfill your requirements, your agent would come up with all the available properties in the area for you.

They Know the Area Well

Agents are always on the lookout for more additions to their inventories. Every agent primarily tries to secure properties for themselves and find a buyer as soon as possible. However, on the off-chance that they don’t have the ideal property for the buyer, they get in touch with other agents. Sure, the commission would be split between the two but they try their best to seal the deal rather than seeing the client turn away.

They Take Care of the Legality

The most important aspect of hiring a real estate agent is that they are well aware of the legal situation. Dubai’s real estate laws are tough and strict to the point that the average joe might not be able to understand it all. In fact, even experienced buyers find it hard to keep up with the amendments being made to DLD policies and real estate laws.

Moreover, if the property you’re interested in has a shady background or has some fines due, your agent will find them. Since they’re experts in real estate, it’s not a bother for them to find every detail about any given property. Whether it follows the architectural guidelines and approved infrastructure plans or whether there are problems with the registration or previous transactions.

They Work for Their Commission:

Your agent is more than just a person you call for information or options. Agents always try to take their clients out to lunches and property visits to show them viable options. A good agent will first come to discuss with you all your requirements.

They’ll ask you questions to make sure that you’re on the same page about what type of property you’re looking for. After that, they’ll start their research and come up with the most likely options in their inventory that suits your need.

Once that is done, they can either have you sit down with the owner or, with your permission, conduct the negotiations themselves. While some people demand that they sit with the owner themselves, others prefer that their agent does the talking.

Both of these scenarios have their pros and cons but you can be sure of one thing; your agent will not go against your wishes and is legally bound to present your statements to the seller/owner as they were stated. If you’re dealing with some personnel working property management in Dubai, your agent will let you know.

It’s recommended that you try and stick with an agent until the end of your search because you don’t want to waste their hard work. Since they’re taking you out on their car and paying for the lunches, it’s only logical that you try to not let it all go in vain.

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