A small guide on leopard gecko food

Leopard geckos are reptiles of a semi-parched condition and are insectivores. That implies these geckos eat little insects and worms. Your pet should have healthy feeder insects to grow properly without any malnourishment. It is better if you provide them with insects that are specially bred for feeding geckos. Avoid wild insects because those can be harmful to your pet.

Leopard geckos often change their food preferences as they become older, hence, you need to be extremely careful in this matter. You need to change the leopard gecko food according to their age and also by their preferences. Provide them feeder insects that are no larger than their head. The general rule is to provide bugs that are smaller than the distance between their eyes.

You should never provide them anything larger as they may not be able to chew that. Besides that, you should remove any uneaten food after 20 minutes you give to your pet.

When to feed them

feed Leopard Gecko

On the off chance that you need to give them the best food, you have to comprehend their food propensities. Leopard Geckos are nighttime creatures and become active after the sunset. The wild geckos chase their food in the early evening. Along these lines, you have to give them food in the early evening to emulate their common propensities. Hence, it is better to provide your pet with a food bowl at the dusk to satiate their natural and biological clock.

Staple eating routine

Staple eating routine

Your pet needs a staple eating routine to get their regular nourishment. . Here are some stable feeder insects for your gecko-

  • Crickets are presumably the most mainstream bug to feed your leopard geckos. They are solid and are affordable. Moreover, crickets are easy to gut load and available easily. Ensure that cricket is not very large for your gecko.
  • Mealworms are another Leopard Gecko staple. They are expensive and often do not last long. Therefore, make sure to order them in small quantities.
  • Dubia roaches are also a great staple insect for Leopard geckos. They are simple to raise and are great for your timid and docile gecko. Moreover, dubias are also rich in nutrients. Hence, if you need something other than crickets, go for dubia roaches.
  • Silkworms are also great as a staple and can be given to increase the variety in the staple diet of a gecko. They can be costly and as a rule, don’t live longer than half a month so request them in little amounts.



Only a staple eating regimen won’t be sufficient for your pet. You must give your gecko some treats to change their sense of taste and give variety in their normal eating routine. You can choose wax worms as their treats. But you need to be extra careful while giving your pet treats. The wax worms contain a great deal of fat, and Leopard geckos tend to be dependent on this food item and may not eat some other feeder. Thus, just wax worms as their treats are not an extraordinary thought. You have to give different feeders like spread worms, silkworms, hornworms as their treat moreover.



Only a simple insect may not be enough for feeding your gecko. They need enough vitamin D3 and calcium for healthy bone growth. Hence, make sure to dust or gut load the insects before feeding them to your pet.

You can put the insects in a plastic bag along with some vitamin or calcium powder and shake them till the insects get a fine coat of powders on the,. After doing you can feed the insects to your pet-

  • For baby geckos, provide them calcium dusted insects thrice and vitamin dusted insect once per week
  • Juvenile geckos need calcium dusted food for twice and vitamin dusted foods once per week.
  • For adult geckos, you need to provide them calcium dusted food once per week and vitamin dusted food once in a month.

You can follow such basic tips. For more guidance, you may contact a pet handler. Giving the right food to your leopard gecko will keep them healthy for a longer period.

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