Top 5 Ways to Keep Office Spaces Protected Against Pests

We all want and deserve to have a clean, pest-free, and safe office. These uninvited guests can invade your workspace and might never leave. They are not just unsightly but spread a lot of diseases. This will cause your employees to be sick and take leave. No business can afford this. So, you should take steps to protect your space from pests.

Other than hiring a pest extermination specialist in Surrey, you can decrease the risk of invasion from pests, insects, and rodents. Here are some of the tips that will help keep your office safe from pests.

Stop Eating At Your Desk

Mostly, people eat lunch or snack at their desk while they are working. It is not healthy to eat during work activities. Also, you will be spilling crumbs or bits of food over your desk, chair, and the floor. These bits or crumbs attract ants and cockroaches. If you want to keep your office safe from pests, you must stop eating at your desk. It is better to limit your food consumption to a specific area such as a pantry.

Properly Dispose of Things

Another way to prevent pests from invading your office space is by properly disposing of things. Many employees throw away half-eaten foods or unfinished drinks in the dustbin near their desks. These foods are enticing for pests as they rely on them for survival.

To prevent invasion from pests, you must have a good waste management system. You must dispose of food items in the pantry or a designated place. Besides this, you should regularly take out the trash.

Lack of Maintenance Checks

You might be thinking about how maintenance checks are related to pests and rodents.  Let’s say that your office building is old and weak. Because of irregular maintenance checks, there might be gaps, holes, pipe leakages, and crevices. These can be entry points for ants, cockroaches, rodents, and pests.

Moreover, rodents are attracted to wiring as they like to gnaw them. That is because their teeth are always growing, and they need to trim them. The gnawing of wires can cause a short circuit and, in some cases, fire.

So, it is crucial to have regular maintenance checks.

Moist Allures Pests

A common habit of most employees is to leave unfinished drinks unsealed on their desks. When unsealed drinks are not disposed of, moist invites pests. Sugary drinks bring a lot of sugar ants. Hence, you must make sure there is no unattended unsealed drink after work hours.

Clean Storage Areas

The storeroom in offices is the best place for keeping marketing materials and printed documents. Not only this, but it is probably full of cardboard boxes. An interesting thing about cardboard boxes is that they are perfect for making nests, so rodents love them. That is why it is essential to clean the storage room regularly.

How to Get Rid of Pests and Rodents?

Well, there are different ways to keep your office space protected against pests. You can do it yourself or hire a professional. Unfortunately, the DIY methods don’t work, and employees still have to deal with the pests.

Some of the DIY methods for elimination of pests include:

  • Flushing off the ants and pests with hot water
  • Have pandan leaf placed around the office space to prevent cockroach from entering
  • Cucumber peels can be used to repel ants
  • Draw chalk lines for deterring ants
  • Peppermint oil is a great rat repellent

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

We all know pests and rodents are a nuisance, especially in the office space. To get rid of pests, you get help from professional pest control services. They have trained and skilled professionals who are capable of performing regular inspections. The professionals have extensive knowledge of how to eradicate pests.

Since they deal with such things on a daily basis, they can inform you about the problems that attract pests. Also, they will guide you about the steps to prevent pests. The pest control staff will devise a plan to remove the root cause of the problem.

All in all, pests are unsightly nuisances that everyone wants to get rid of. Restrict the consumption of food to a specific area like a pantry. You must clean your space regularly and frequent maintenance checks. 

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