Make the Windsor University like home when studying there

Students who wish to study in the Windsor University did feel excited about studying in paradise. However, packing to go there can be a difficult part of the campaign because they need to reach there at least 2 weeks before the semester begins.

Students stateside leave family and friends behind for just 4 years when going to the Caribbean. In order to avoid feelings of nervousness, homesickness, and alienation, here are some things that are going to work out well there:

Arriving there early

Graduates who arrived a few days earlier to their respective Caribbean medical school for registration were doing well. Students can come with family and stay at a resort for some days before going to the dormitories of their respective schools.

Students can spend days exploring the island, interacting with locals, exploring beaches and having good dine-ins. Other than that, moving around the cities is easy as they are small and provide students a worthwhile experience. Adjusting to the Caribbean is not hard.

Socializing with the local populace

A lot of students come to the Caribbean without knowing anyone. This can be a scary experience and can leave many alienated. A lot of students from foreign lands (countries outside the Caribbean) will have puzzled looks because they are coming to a new country.

Yet, eventually these students will be united under one common objective of becoming a physician and that too being successful ones. The jitters will be there but will go away with time and help students become the best physicians too.

No one should be afraid to take the first step as everyone is looking forward to socializing and be friends. Everyone must introduce themselves at the registration phase, converse with other students and coordinate in making the plans.

Keeping an open mind helps a lot

Islands of the Caribbean are blessed with natural beauty, a lively culture, a vibrant lifestyle, and delicious food. Since each island is packed with adventure, no one would even hesitate to check out the mountains with the beaches there.

When students come to the Caribbean in the beginning, they feel scared at first and can feel alone. Once they meet people and establish an internet connection, then they will start feeling better and will hence start interacting with people nearby.

Committing oneself completely for the next 4 years in the Caribbean can seem like a handful. Eventually, the place will feel like home. With more connections made and more of the place understood, it will be like home.

One thing is for sure; students come here to study and become exceptional physicians, secure residency, ace the USMLEs, and set a positive example for other and future physicians.

St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Sint Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados, St Vincent, and the Grenadines as well as Grenada are among the best islands in the Caribbean to study and live in. These places have improved considerably in security and have also been able to improve their literacy, education, and healthcare standards too.

Every med student comes to medical school to study hard, study well, understand concepts carefully and become a physician inspirational for others and willing to take steps forward to bring positive changes and keeping the field’s integrity as intact as impossible.

Eventually, students will learn how to adapt to a new environment and embrace students from other cultural backgrounds with ease. This will hopefully lead to the creation of more compassionate doctors who will work without borders.

Students studying medicine in the Caribbean (particularly at Windsor University) should cherish the surroundings and be able to integrate well there. Worry about the unknown will always be present, but once it goes away then things become better (pregnancy pillows).


They may look like simple tips and they are. Once med students follow them after understanding them, then things will become really easy for them. Studying medicine in the Caribbean will seem worrisome at first, but once time passes, the experience improves and becomes better.

Other than that, it always takes time in getting used to certain things and places. Studying in the Caribbean will hence become a worthwhile experience soon.

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