How to Disinfect a Face Respirator Mask: A Step By Step Guide

The whole world is presently facing a coronavirus pandemic. All people are at risk of infectious disease as it is spreading worldwide. It is now in most countries and it is spreading from one person to another in many countries. The number of confirmed cases continues to increase, with an increasing impact on the global health infrastructure as well as the economy. People can protect themselves and their family, friends, by taking the major preventive measures, i.e. wearing a face mask, maintaining physical distancing, and following proper hand hygiene.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, the demand for N95 face masks and other protective equipment also continues to increase. N95 mask is the most effective face respirator mask and suggested by a medical professional. But due to the limited supply of an N95 mask, many companies are selling different types of masks that work similar to N95 masks. Yes, it’s true! KN95 mask, 3M N95 masks, FFP1 respirator mask, etc. are available in the market; you can buy them online or from the local shop.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the low supplies of N95 left healthcare workers and the general public no choice but to re-use masks. Before re-use the mask, it is necessary to disinfect it properly so that the chances of getting infected are reduced.

Here, we have discussed the step by step method to disinfect N95 or KN95 respirator mask without damaging it and putting yourself at risk.

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 170°F.

You might be thinking that hotter is better — not so! Higher temperatures may melt the plastic within your mask and make it less protective. So, just stick with 170°.

Step 2: Place it in a paper bag

· Wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds with hot water and soap.

· Hold the mask using it straps and place it in the brown paper bag.

Step 3: Re-wash Your Hand

After putting the mask in the paper bag, must wash your hands properly.

Step 4: Fold over the top of the bag

Fold it three times from the top. If you want to disinfect multiple masks at the same time, please use a different bag for each mask and write each person’s name on each person’s bag. This is to ensure that the mask maintains the proper fit for everyone and reduces wear & tear.

Step 5: Place the brown bag into the oven bag

After doing the above step, place the brown bag with the mask into the oven bag or pressure cooker. You can also use any tight-sealing, oven-safe container to put the mask containing the brown bag. You can put many brown bags in the same oven-safe container.

Step 6: Place the container into the oven

Place the sealed container into the oven for 45 minutes. Before placing the oven, make sure that the oven has been preheated. Set a timer — overcooking your mask may ruin it. After 45 minutes, remove it and let it cool. Now your mask is disinfected.

Step 7: Remove and Cool it down.

Remove the mask and let it cool. Check for damages. If there are no holes or tears, your mask is now safe to reuse. Before putting on the mask, check for tears or holes, and give the straps a gentle stretch to make sure they’re still strong enough. Discard any defective masks with.

The proper disinfecting of mask is important to reduce the transmission of the Covid-19 infectious virus. Another way to disinfect the mask is by using UV light exposure. The CDC has suggested using a disposable face mask or homemade clothing masks. You can also use face masks KN95 respirator instead of an N95 mask.

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