These Are the Secrets About Remodeling Your Contractor Won’t Tell You

Have you been considering a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or even a home remodel? If so, you might think there’s not much to it, but there are actually some secrets that your contractor won’t tell you:

Have a Plan and Budget in Mind Before You Call a Contractor

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A contractor surely will be on board with you when you come to them, but when you do, make sure you have a plan and budget in mind from the start. Once you know what you want and what you can spend, only then should you approach a pro.

One of the Best Ways to Find a Contractor is to Ask

The best way is to ask people you know. Friends and family can be a great resource for this, and so can Realtors.

Don’t Go with the Lowest Bid

It can be very tempting to go with the lowest bid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get the best value. It is recommended that you get quotes from at least three licensed contractors and having more than one quote also gives you a little room for bargaining.

Your Budget Isn’t Rock Solid

You probably have a budget in mind but remember; this isn’t something that’s going to stick. You can certainly tell a contractor that you only want to spend $10,000 on your bathroom remodel, for example, but there are always unforeseen circumstances that can cause this to differ. So, it’s best to shoot low.

Get 3D Designs

When you finally do settle on a contractor, make sure to get a 3D design of how the finished product will look. This helps everyone involved know what to expect. In many cases when searching online for contractors, you will have an option to browse in a 3D design software on the contractor’s website. It’s a great tool some contractors offer which allows you to play with various types of materials from different angles. The most common options to change are kitchen cabinet colors and design, countertops, backsplash, flooring, and sometimes even appliances.

Get it All in Writing

It doesn’t matter how reputable your contractor is, you should always get everything in writing. A written contract not only protects you, but also protects the contractor. It should include a full break down of things like material and labor costs and both the start and completion dates. Take to consideration that some contractors will provide you with an estimate where others will provide you with an actual quote. Regardless of what you chose, make sure that the contractor is licensed in your city first.

You Can Save Money by Keeping the Same Layout

Though you might want to move your bathtub to the other side of the bathroom, if you want to stick to a lower budget, you probably won’t do it. Even minor layout changes can cost thousands of dollars during a remodel. In kitchens, changing the layout is even more expensive since there are more factors involved such as water pipes, sewage, electricity, and gas lines.

Hire a Home Inspector Before You Start

You probably want your renovation to go as quickly as possible, but one of the biggest reason’s contractors fall behind schedule Is due to structural problems. So, hiring a home inspector first and fixing any potential issues can help you save a lot of time.

It’s Your Job to Get Permits

Some people think that it’s the contractor’s job to get a permit for building, but that’s not the case. It’s yours. Many contractors will do it, but really, it’s your responsibility since you are the actual owner of the property.

Stay Involved in the Process

Finally, you should remember that you need to stay involved in the process. Even if you are leaving your home temporarily, you should still check in on the contractor and make sure everything is going as planned. A professional contractor will provide you with updates on a daily base on the progress that was made. Some contractors these days even have a monitoring CRM system that allows you to log in and check the progress and photos that were uploaded.

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