Visualization of thinking has become one of the necessary conditions for modern education and all other social spheres. Of course, in the current conditions, we are looking to present educational information that would help us more clearly and essential, without wasting time to create effective didactic units. We are looking for tools that can help us achieve our creative goals. The director has represented more than one graphic design service. I want to present to you one more program that has appeared recently, but, in my opinion, very useful.

Graphic design software DesignCap was developed by  PearlMountain, known for its projects in this field (photo and video editors, collage editors, video animations, and much more).

The new product DesignCap is online graphic design software for creating professional projects: presentations, infographics, posters, graphics for social networks.

Our educational projects’ good design helps retain students’ attention and can lead to more positive learning outcomes. However, creating effective graphic designs from scratch is not easy and often thankless. It is time-consuming and has design talent. And if we use some paid professional design program, then cash costs are also necessary. The beauty of DesignCap is that it simplifies the cumbersome graphic design process and significantly reduces the time required.

You get access to an extensive database of high-quality templates and collections of illustrations, shapes, fonts. Even if you are new to design, you can create professional designs with no difficulty.

In addition to ready-made solutions, you can add your images and fonts.


You can use not only presentation templates but also choose animation effects for their online broadcasts. You can not only broadcast the finished presentation but also save it as a PDF file. Click Show Presentation to view the presentation. When demonstrating your project, you can use a laser pointer.


Educators are increasingly turning to educational infographics. Here, as nowhere else, templates with original icons, fonts, and general design of the project can come in handy. I did not create this infographic from scratch but translated one of the templates.

You can save the created infographic as an image or a PDF file, which then embed it into a blog or website.


Charting is often a challenge for educators, especially for the humanities, especially in her view. Templates developed in DesignCap help solve this problem. Check out my little sketch based on one of the templates.

In addition to publicly publishing your designs, you can organize a collaborative project mode by sending a link to students.

Moreover, when working on my projects, I recommend not using the online translator since you will not be able to type text: the cursor. Accordingly, the letters will continuously run to the left. Besides, most of the fonts available. There is a way out: upload your fonts.

Thus, we can get one more assistant for organizing digital educational resources. In free access, you can save up to 5 images and up to 5 author’s projects.

Why DesignCap Is Worth Trying

Why do I invite you to try this graphic design maker site? There are at least a few reasons you can think of.

  • Free to Register

To be able to use this site, you only need to register. There is no fee for creating an account. FREE. For Current Plan accounts, absolutely no payments are required. For this account, you can only upload a maximum of 5 images per month and only be downloaded in JPG format. However, if it’s just for blogging activities and you want a somewhat different design and not on the market, that’s enough. 

However, if you want more, please upgrade the account to a Basic or Plus account. For Basic and plus accounts, you will get unlimited templates, stock icons, and modules. You can also download designs made in PNG and PDF so that the image resolution is better than the Free ones. The difference is if your Basic account can only upload 100 images and store designs, on the Plus account, it can be up to a thousand. And for the Plus account, you can upload fonts too. 

The Basic account costs only $ 4.99 / month. Meanwhile, the Plus account costs $ 5.99 / month. It’s quite affordable. However, instead of the Basic account, I think the Plus account is better. The difference is a little. One only makes 100 designs, one can 1,000.

  • Easy to Use

DesignCap is very easy to operate, even for beginners. Graphic designs can be created in just a few minutes. Quite a few adjustments to the existing template, be a good design. Unlike designer apps that require skill, design sites like this one provide templates that you can customize.

  • Save Time and Cost

Initially, I was not familiar with online graphic design maker sites. Now with this online graphic design maker site, we can make our logo. We can be more free to express and be creative and create a “real me” logo.

  • No Need To Install

Unlike applications that require installation, DesignCap can simply be opened through a browser on our computer. Because online, we can also open our accounts from anywhere, not limited to our personal computers at home. So, don’t worry if you need designs that have been made from time to time.

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