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9 Handy Instagram apps for posts and Insta stories

In this article, I’ll give you a handy overview of all the Instagram apps that I use. Instagram is the ideal place to network, attract customers, share blogs, increase your visibility, and show what you have to offer as an entrepreneur or blogger. And of course, Instagram is fantastic for anyone who simply likes to share photos and stories. In this article, I share 9 handy Instagram apps that I use for scheduling, creating, and editing posts, Insta stories, and hashtag lists. Apps that allow you to get even more out of Instagram, that save you time and that help you grow. For convenience, each app has a link to the relevant app in both Google Play and the App Store. Which Instagram apps do you use?


Planoly is my favorite app for Instagram. It is easy to use, you can preview your feed (also on the computer), upload and write your photos and texts on the computer and it is also very easy to prepare hashtag lists. With Planoly I can schedule everything on Instagram, which saves a lot of time and frustration. By scheduling Instagram posts, you don’t always have to think about what to post next. I prepare everything when I have the inspiration to write a post and publish it later.

Here you can read all about Planoly. I am using the free version, but I may be switching to a paid account soon. Because I have 2 accounts, I use the Later app for my other account, but I’m less enthusiastic about that. Download Planoly here: Google Play / App Store.


Like Planoly, Later is also an app to schedule your Instagram posts. On the phone, I can also preview my feed with Later and upload photos and write texts on the computer. For some reason, however, I find Later less enjoyable than Planoly. I cannot create hashtag lists and I am missing my feed on the computer. Furthermore, this app works fine, but I still prefer Planoly. Perhaps simply a personal preference and Later may work much better for you than Planoly.

Here you will find more information about Later. I especially like to be able to try both Instagram apps, to be able to make a good choice between the two later. Download Later here: Google Play / App Store.

Create Instagram posts

For my Colombia blog, I only use photos that I take myself. I edit these photos directly in the editor of Instagram and therefore do not use an app for that.

On my Instagram business account, I post photos as well as tiles with text. Most of my photos were taken by my photographer during photo shoots for both my website and social media. Here you can read why photography is so important to your company. I only use an app for the tiles with text.


In any case, one of my favorite tools that I use as us blog: Canva. I use it to create e-books, edit customer photos with Canva, and much more. Including creating Instagram posts. I use Canva Pro (here you can read whether or not this is worth the money), in which I have saved my corporate identity and created handy folders for all my designs. So in no time, I have my Instagram posts to edit and download. Always in my house style, something that is extremely important to build recognition and visibility as an Ideal.

Instagram photo editing apps

Photography for both your website and social media is extremely important. Both your website and your social media accounts are your business card. And bad photos don’t make a great first impression.

Now, however, I do very little with photo editing programs myself. As I said before, I edit my Colombia photos on Instagram myself and my photos have been provided in the correct format for my company by my photographer.

So I hardly have any apps to edit photos. Except one: Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom

After wearing out many photo editing apps, I stuck with Adobe Lightroom. My favorite photo editing app. An easy way to Photoshop. I hardly use Lightroom for my posts, but all the more for my Instagram stories. These are often photos of my daily life (as an entrepreneur). Photos I take with my smartphone. And I always pass these photos through Adobe Lightroom to edit before they appear in my Instagram stories.

For example, Lightroom’s photo editor has many filters that you can use and put in your favorites. That also makes editing your photos a lot faster. Also, you can maintain your style very well, which is good for your branding and recognition. An absolute must. Here you can find more information about Lightroom.

Search Instagram hashtags


Hashtags are incredibly important to grow on Instagram. And to be found by your ideal customer. So it is not a luxury to spend some time making hashtag lists that are aimed at generating more reach.

In the article ‘ 9 Powerful social media tips to grow your blog ‘ you can read under number 9 how to find the right Instagram Hashtags and use them effectively.

In Tags

To find the right hashtags for Instagram I use the app In Tags. In this, I search for the correct hashtags per subject and purpose of my photo and I create hashtag lists that I then save in Planoly.  Tag is an app for Android devices. I don’t have an iPhone, but after a while, I also see a lot of hashtag apps in the App Store, like this one.

Instagram apps for Insta stories

There are also thousands of apps on the market for creating Insta stories. Apps that make creating Instagram stories much more fun and effective. Below is my list of apps for Insta stories and what app I use.


By far my favorite app for Insta stories is Unfold. With this, you can make nice photo collages specifically for your stories. This makes watching your stories a lot more fun and that immediately increases the chance that your follower will continue to watch and respond to calls-to-action. With Unfold you can give each story a different layout. You can also use videos and thus ensure that your video does not cover the entire screen, but, for example, only a part or in combination with photos.

Story Splitter

If you record a video on your phone for your Insta stories, it is almost always too big. A story is 15 seconds long, but a video can easily take three or four times double. Now you can manually cut your video into 15-second chunks or use the Story Splitter app for it. This saves you 10 minutes. Story Splitter chops your freshly recorded video into 10 or 15-second pieces (whatever you want) in no time. Useful! Tip: To make your Insta stories even more fun, you can put your trimmed videos in Unfold to display it a bit more dynamically than on the whole screen.

DU recorder to record your screen

You sometimes see Insta stories where someone scrolls through a website live or show something else on the phone that moves. You can do this with the DU recorder. Ideal for recording your screen. For example, do you have a new website or an e-book that you want to show in your stories? Then you can record your screen while scrolling to show a preview of your latest acquisition to your followers.


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