Tips to complete your construction project on time

Every project has a predefined time period on which the project has to be complete. This time period is defined earlier because it will help develop strategies on how tasks will be assigned and when will the outcomes of the project will be received.

Projects could be of many type and each type requires certain strategies and policies to carry out the project successfully. These projects maybe construction projects, management projects, mining projects, engineering projects, manufacturing etc.

There are many reasons and circumstances under which project could be delayed these delays may occur due to natural reasons or any personal reasons. Strategies are already developed to tackle any kind of delays. For example construction projects have consulted the services of construction consultants in order to get the expert advice and to know the reasons behind the delay of the project.

Here in this article we will discuss the reasons that result in a project delay and what are the strategies to complete these projects on time.

What are the possible reasons for delay?

One of the main reasons for delay in project is the lack of knowledge. When the people carrying out the project have less knowledge about what are their responsibilities and what are the objectives of the project, then that project will definitely lag behind the time mentioned to complete it.

To overcome this issue it is the responsibility of the project manager to manage the project  and define the objectives of the project and what are the responsibilities of individuals carrying out the project.

Sometimes natural factors are also involved in project delay, natural factors maybe weather conditions and disasters. We as a human being have no control over such factors and eventually these factors result in delay and loss.

Sometimes the owner himself is the reason behind delay, the delay in funding and resources from the owner lead to a delay. Also if the contractor is less experienced it will also effect the time to complete the project.

It is important to analyze the size of the project being carried out. Small size project take less time than the projects of high scale. It is necessary to calculate the actual time needed to complete the project.

Some of the other reasons for delay are

  • Low budget than required cost
  • Contractors incompetency
  • The skills of the workers
  • Clashes between the owner and the contractors
  • The clashes and disputes within the workers
  • Poor planning and strategy development
  • Change in order by the owner at the very moment

Who is responsible for a project delay?

This is one of the controversial questions that who to blame when a project is not completed. A number of people are involved in a project completion and one cannot blame an individual for the project failure.

When a project is not successful because of poor planning then the contractor or the project manager is responsible for its delay. Things could have been better if they were planned better.

When the project is delayed because of the low budget and less resource allocation by the owner, then it will be the owner’s responsibility.

When the project is delayed due to natural factors like weather conditions and disasters then it’s no one’s responsibility. But the people who are involved in planning the project make plans  keeping the weather conditions in mind and develop plans on how to carry out tasks in worse situations without delaying the project,

Have been said all this, we can conclude that a number of people are involved in project completion and one cannot blame an individual for its failure or delay. It is a collective team effort and any the team is to give reward for its success and penalty on its failure.Construction consultants are playing a key role in identifying the reasons for delay and helping in finding the best possible solutions to overcome such challenges in the future.

What are the possible demerits of a project delay?

The delay in the project completion itself is a demerit, but other disadvantages of delaying a project are

  • This will leave a negative impact on the clients and no one wants to lose their clients
  • Delays in projects always increase the cost of completion
  • This will result in increase in disputes within the workers and between the contractor and the owner.
  • Resources will be wasted if not used on time

What are the necessary steps to complete the project on time?

Below are few of many tips to make sure the projects are completed on time.

  • Develop effective strategies and make sensible plans
  • Communicate with the workers and the clients. Communication is key to success
  • Keep track of the activities from time to time
  • Hire skillful workers
  • Critical path analysis is important before implementing the project
  • Define the roles, tasks and responsibilities
  • Clear the ambiguities if any.

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