5 Reasons for Choosing Apparel Boxes- Tie or Shirt Boxes in Bulk

We all know someone extremely conscious about their dressing. And they usually prefer buying their clothes from selective clothing brands. The reason for this is their quality as well as their overall presentation. Customers pay attention to every single detail and that’s why packaging is important. So, garments packaging is equally as important as manufacturing them. Just like any other trading, clothing manufacturers need to package their products in quality boxes.

Apparel boxes are in limelight these days as the famous boutiques use them to sell their premium products. These boxes are used to package shirts, ties, and other clothing materials. Besides packaging, these apparel boxes serve the purpose of storage and transportation. So, these apparel packaging boxes give your customers a luxury experience. If you want the tie or shirt boxes bulk you can get them from any packaging company or the online market.

5 reasons for choosing shirt boxes bulk

Unlike previous times, when the boxes were used for product protection during transportation, packaging material serves multiple purposes. Some of the reasons for choosing these apparel boxes are:

1- Consumer’s attention:

Nowadays, customers pay attention to every single detail. The first thing that will bring a customer’s attention to the product is the appearance of the box. These custom apparel boxes can make or break the customer’s decision of buying a certain product. Obviously, a custom box with alluring color patterns appears better than a standard box.

2- Branding:

Branding is essential to any marketing strategy. So, these apparel boxes can be the ideal marketing material for your brand. Apparel boxes can be a major turn-out for your customers because the packaging is the first thing they encounter. So, you can use apparel packaging for free promotion of your clothing brand. You can print these apparel boxes with your company name, logo, and other details about your brand.

3- Product value enhancement:

Company’s always want to sell their products at better prices. For this purpose, they use different techniques. Evidently, better quality products and efficient marketing techniques play a key role. In addition to these, the use of good packaging materials can significantly increase your sales. So, choosing the custom apparel boxes is important for increasing your product value.

4- Environment protection:

These custom boxes are made up of different materials such as paper board, cardboard, etc. These boxes are made up of recyclable material. These manufacturing materials are biodegradable and environment friendly. So, they don’t add to environmental pollution and are relatively a safer option.

5- Valuable gift item:

Gift apparel boxes are the perfect items to praise your loved ones. You can use them for elegantly presenting your gift items. And they can further use these boxes to store their valuable items. try it now

shirt boxes bulk

Types of shirt boxes

All these benefits ensure that these apparel boxes are a good choice as packaging materials. These apparel boxes are available as:

1- Shirt boxes: Shirts are the most important clothing item among men and women wear. So, for shirt packaging these apparel boxes are available as drawer style boxes, packing boxes with magnetic closure, and two-piece set-up boxes, etc.

2- Tie boxes: Besides shirt boxes, these apparel boxes are also available for the ties. Among a wide assortment of apparel boxes, these boxes are available as custom tie boxes. These tie boxes can accommodate several tie pieces as well as showcase them through the window.


Apparel boxes are important for a unique presentation of your quality products. These boxes are important for the safe transportation of your goods. Further, they are an important branding tool and can help in the advertisement for your brand. These boxes are available in various shapes and sizes and can be further customized. Many brands look for a variety of apparel boxes they can customize according to their demands. So, they look for wholesale suppliers in their niche. RSF Packaging is one of the best packaging manufacturers in the market. They provide high-quality packaging materials for all your needs. So, if you are looking for one, RSF Packaging can be your go-to option. Their experts can help you with the customization of your boxes. Further, they provide top of the line customer services to fulfill all your packaging requirement.

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