Tips for choosing the perfect brace for your kid

Millions of people use braces each year to straighten their teeth. Most of these persons are children and teens. If your child has misaligned and crooked teeth, it might affect their self-esteem and to help your child get over this, you might need to get them braces.

If you are considering braces treatment for your child, there are several things to consider from cost to design and colour. Arriving at a perfect choice may be overwhelming so go through these seven tips to choose the right braces for your child.

Cost may not always be an exciting thing to consider, but it is a must to consider the cost of your child’s braces. Generally, better teeth straightening options are more expensive, but this should not be a problem when your child’s happiness is at stake.

If you do not have insurance, getting braces for your child may cost higher. While choosing a brace to straighten your child’s teeth, consider the best options within your price range and select one.

  • Think about the colour

The colour of the brace does not affect its effectiveness, but it affects the appearance of your child. Braces are available in different colours, and children tend to like those with bright colours to reflect their interest and personalities.

For example, your child may want braces with the same colour as his/her favourite sports team or a colour that matches their skin tone and eye colour. Your child may also prefer plain coloured braces that people will not notice quickly.

  • Think about how modern the braces are

Your child may prefer the more conventional traditional braces or newer types and vice versa. Modern braces are usually more expensive than traditional braces because they can be customised to suit your child’s needs. Traditional metal braces, on the other hand, do not have this feature, but they can do the job correctly. You have several options, so weigh all your choices before settling for anyone.

  • Consider your child’s teeth

Consider the reasons why your child needs braces. The severity of your child’s case would determine the type of brace your child would need. If your child has a less severe occlusion, he/she can use braces like Invisalign London. If the misalignment is more severe, your child may need metallic braces that exerts more force to move the teeth. Your child’s orthodontist will likely discuss this with you and suggest the best option.

  • Consider your child’s age

Dentists recommend that children should visit a dentist from the age of seven. Seven might seem like a young age, but your dentist can identify any potential issues, but your child may not need the braces immediately.

Generally, tweens prefer traditional metallic braces because they can fit several colours and even have a new colour after every appointment. If your child is young and nervous about using braces, try bright braces because they make the procedure seem like a fun one.

Other neutral types of braces like porcelain and ceramic braces are also available, and they do not stand out like the metal braces. Older children and teens, especially those with a big event in view like graduation, usually prefer Invisalign braces as they are almost invisible.

  • Consider the level of care the braces need

It would be best if you also considered your child’s level of responsibility and care needed for the braces. Invisalign is an excellent option for children because they can take the aligners out, but your child needs to be responsible enough to keep the aligners in their mouth for up to 22 hours each day. Your child is supposed to take out the aligners only to eat, brush, and floss. With Invisalign, your child would not need to avoid any food.

However, your child cannot remove metal braces but will avoid certain foods that can get stuck to the brackets and wire.

  • Consider how active your child is

If your child is very active or engages in sports, you might want to consider removable braces. The braces may get broken during a game, and it would cost more to fix the braces, so a removable brace is better.

If your child is not sporty, there may be no risk of damaging the braces, so you are free to choose any brace for the child.

There may be no concise guide in choosing the right type of brace for your kid but if you consult your orthodontist, speak to your child and consider these tips above, you are more likely to make a perfect choice.

Feel free to contact an Invisalign provider in the UK today if you are yet to decide which teeth straightening option is best for your child. Call London Braces on 020 37457520 for more information about Invisalign for kids.

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