How to Look Amazing in School Dress without Breaking the Uniform Rules

The concept of wearing a uniform in school was based on the idea that it induces pride among students, helps them identify with the school community and sharpens focus on classroom work without distractions. With everyone dressed the same, it can also mean the uniform eliminates peer pressure and challenges to the physical appearance. 

For children the uniform may not matter, but for teenagers it may provide a sense of oppression when they are not able to express their identity. Teenagers usually feel the need to stand out in a crowd in these crucial years where they are trying to find themselves and be recognised for who they are. At such times, uniforms can be restrictive to their self-expression.

But, much can be done to balance both sides, to manage discipline of schools in Dubai as well as allow students to develop their unique personality. 

Add a Twist

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Many high school uniforms come along with slacks, be it of a colour that represents your bold avatar or a relaxed hue, pairing it with a belt will be an ideal choice. Just do not be afraid to go out-of-the-box and style on a decent look.

Adding another top on your school shirt to add a class status will allow you to undo the buttons of the shirt underneath and prove to be confident. If you prefer cover-alls, wear a cardigan instead.

Tip: You can try cuffing your sleeves to look stylish.

Be in Vogue

Consider having fabric cut to give your outlook more proficiency and decency for the bottoms, being around a studious environment. Another choice would be textures and patterns. If you have a definitive look, going in for styling your shoes is what you should do. Shoes can add a color-pop to your outfit, provided your school authorities aren’t strict on your selection of shoes. Try opting for flats/ calf-high boots or sportswear for physical exercise.

With shoes come socks to prevent sweat. In this case, you can be smart enough if you’re a boy with pants as the uniform. Wearing patterned socks that go along with your outfit or any other accessory will work it’s way out without being noticed. Avoid going over-the-top/dark-colored socks, as that will be vigilant. 

For those who wear a hijab, different coloured scarfs can add up to the style quotient, and for boys wearing a throbe, wearing it with a variation in colours available over your uniform will do just fine. But, for those wearing a salwar and Kurti, wearing a brooch of any design and structure will complement your outfit with the same.

For winter school, wearing a jacket by replacing the buttons with new-colored ones will accommodate viable customization.

Tip: Getting your uniform custom-made; if your school is a little too harsh on the dress-code, take your child to a tailor and alter the sleeves or waist. In case your daughter has the perfect curve to flaunt, have the garment narrowed.

If your uniform is uncomfortable, just loosen the skirt or shirt, provided you can manage it well. You can also hem the skirt. Don’t get it too high, but fold it over, creating a neater curve.


Coming to accessorizing your child, standard jewelry and hair clips can do the right amount of grooming. Ranging from fish braids to hair buns, a change in hairstyles is always welcome (If your school is in for hair dyes, consider getting highlights done). Pairing it up with a vintage watch or friendship bands will do the trick. In the boys’ case, a sporty watch and a tie can make your boy outshine amongst the others.

Tip: Don’t forget to carry an umbrella if it’s the monsoon season/ if you feel it’s a little bit too cloudy. 

Along with your outfits, sling bags or satchels with fun designs can be added to divert the dress violation’s attention. Lastly, wearing natural makeup will not cost you a penny. 

Tip: Wear clear nail paints and a nude lip to school to avoid getting caught by the school monitor!

Wearing uniforms will not look boring anymore if paired with the right accessories and add-ons. So, gear up for school since the pandemic is coming to an end.


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