Top Things to Check Before Taking Possession of Properties

Whether you’re renting an apartment or getting back the property from your tenants, there are things you need to check before giving the all-clear to the other party. Since you can’t be held liable for property damages that you didn’t inflict, it’s only right that the party responsible be held accountable. For this purpose, people often hire handover inspection services and property managers. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that the property is in the exact same condition as it was when it was handed over.

So, let’s take a look at the things you should check before taking possession of properties:

The Agreement And Papers:

Whether you’ve bought a property or registered yourself as a tenant, you need proper documentation that can stand in court. There have been more than enough cases of real estate fraud to make you feel paranoid about being conned. The last thing you need is to get in an unofficial deal that hasn’t been made with the consent of the original owner. Examples of this can include dealing with self-proclaimed fake managers and real estate agents that claim they have the right to negotiate on the owner’s behalf. Needless to say, when the owner finds out, the ‘real estate agent’ or ‘manager’ is long gone and you have to move out because you have nothing official.

In case of taking back a property that you’ve rented out, try to end the tenancy as per the agreement. Furthermore, ensure that the officials of the city know that your agreement has ended. As per the law, it’s necessary for certain conditions that legitimize a force majeure clause. If you’re ending the tenancy based on a force majeure, it’s mandatory that you seek legal counsel as well.


Whenever you move into a new house or a property of your own, you need to make sure that the amenities are as they were offered. Property-specific amenities such as hot-tubs and swimming pools are liable to sustain damages. If you find anything in a condition that it wasn’t in before, you’d best discuss this with the tenants or landlords. If you’re a tenant, you want to make sure that the official record states the condition of the pool as is. Similarly, if you’re a landlord, you’ll want the amenities to be in the mint-condition that you handed them over in.

Water and Sanitary:

Next up is the water and sanitation of the property. This is a part of the property that is most likely to face issues when given enough time. For tenants that are hoping to move in, it’s nothing less than a complete disaster. Therefore, don’t fret to let the faucets run over and check the drainage system. If there are clogs and other problems with sanitation, you need to notify the authority immediately. Make sure you check everything in their presence so that you’re not blamed for any mishaps. Other than the faucets and sewages, check for leakages or clogs in the balconies or rooftops. You don’t want a leaking roof over your head.


A lot of things in any property require proper fitting and can break loose if handled improperly. No one knows how tenants live when the owner turns their back on their property. So, it’s imperative that you check all the doorknobs, bathroom fittings, switchboards and more to see if there are damages.


Check the walls for cracks or eroded paint that may cost you some money to repair. There could even be leakages and damp patches in the walls that you might not be able to see. To start, make sure that you check behind furniture as it’s common for people to try and hide everything behind it. Chipped walls can also cost you repairs that you’re not accountable for.

Doors and Windows:

The doors and windows of any property, whether it’s an apartment or a house, are very liable to be broken or damaged. Moreover, their quality can also be compromised due to rough use. Try to check if they need repairs or if you need to completely replace them. Windows that have cracks are open invitations to infestations.

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