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9 AI Apps Applied To Trending Marketing In 2020

The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving. What was new yesterday is now obsolete. Part of the blame lies with artificial intelligence, the basis of a new technological revolution. There are more and more Artificial Intelligence applications applied to marketing that you can use for your strategies.

Social media management, content creation, web design… these applications offer endless possibilities. These valuable tools will facilitate the work of companies and significantly reduce the time required. Furthermore, they stand out for their easy handling and good results in a short time.

Artificial intelligence applied to digital marketing

The use of artificial intelligence has led to several major advances for companies. Now, brands know their customers much better and can offer more personalized promotions. There is a broader understanding of consumer needs. In addition, the purchasing processes are leaner and the receipt of documentation is faster.

Virtual assistants or chatbots are becoming more common on websites. Gradually they get to know the user better and their way of interacting with the customer is improved. In the not too distant future, they will be able to predict people’s behavior and adapt content for each one.

Artificial intelligence allows brands to offer engagement with their audience, with an emotional response to various situations. With AI, you can also better measure engagement and determine if it’s positive or negative.

According to animated explainer video agency , its use is not limited to communicating with the community. It is also applied for prices, the maximization of moments of consumption or dynamic segmentation. The big challenge for the next few years is to offer a unique and lasting consumer experience. Deliver a message that makes you feel unique, that comes at the right time and on the right channel.

The best AI apps applied to marketing for 2020


Digital marketing is enriching your possibilities with the potential of artificial intelligence for your campaigns. Therefore, dozens of AI apps have been applied to marketing that can take your strategies to unknown levels. These are 9 of these applications:

1.- Article

This app allows the generation of more convenient and immediate content. Its algorithm simulates the behavior of the human mind to generate unique content. Forbes and the Associated Press have already started experimenting with this technology.

The process of creating an article is very simple: enter the title for the post and the app, after recognizing the topic, starts searching for information and keywords. When he finishes collecting everything, he generates a readable article using neurolinguistic programming.

In total, the procedure takes just a few minutes and the result is truly amazing. Furthermore, it never produces duplicate or plagiarized texts. An interesting option if you want to give your content marketing strategy a twist .

2.- Phrasee

Email marketing will continue to gain prominence in digital marketing campaigns during this 2020 . Therefore, this is an application of Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing to be considered right now. Users want to feel important and therefore email personalization is essential.

This app analyzes thousands of data to create the best email . All of its actions are focused on improving the email open rate. First, optimize all the details, such as title, subject and CTA. You can also check the best time of the week to send. The algorithm also determines which tone is best to use depending on the business sector.

3.- Liveperson


Chatbots that use artificial intelligence have a behavior very similar to that of humans. This platform relies on this technology to help consumers with their questions. It examines conversations and purchase attempts and transfers this data to companies to enrich their communication

Its technology is constantly learning from consumer actions. It detects all their movements and directs the person to the chatbot or the ideal agent to solve their doubts or problems. The more queries and conversations generated, the better the redirect and recommendations.

Likewise, Liveperson technology adds Big Data to artificial intelligence to design industry-specific chats. They are easy to implement and the customization options are numerous.

4.- Grid

Create a quality website without the help of a programmer and designer? Now it is possible with applications like Grid. Artificial intelligence continues to gain importance in the field of web design and user experience (UX). Developers highlight how quickly a business can have an operational quality website with this tool.

This app uses artificial intelligence to create a website based on the information provided by the user: images, text, calls to action, etc. In a short amount of time and for a small cost, the page looks professional.

5.- Adext AI

This app uses machine learning and deep learning to automate ad optimization in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Test different audiences for each ad to find the one that is most likely to spark the desired action or conversion . Identify the most profitable platforms and invest directly in those channels.

Its algorithm adjusts the budget, always looking for a better conversion rate. In its advertising campaigns, it promises an astonishing 83% increase in just 10 days. Experts consider it one of the most interesting artificial intelligence apps applied to marketing today.

6.- Troops

It is considered a Slack bot for Salesforce. The tool helps sales professionals automate their workflow and align them with cross-functional teams. Simplify the extraction of information from Salesforce and facilitate use on a slow channel.

Troops centralizes all information for sales professionals in one place. Managers approve of its use because they find it more convenient to integrate Salesforce into Slack. They create new reports, dashboards and alerts that keep their teams informed of what’s happening in real time.

In this case, the AI ​​automatically tracks Salesforce data and presents it in an easy-to-manipulate way . A few clicks are enough to perform actions that previously took much longer.

7.- Buzzsumo

Content creation is often inspired by similar work already done. For many creatives, generating complex and extensive content is complicated. According to an Adobe study , 47% of content creators have trouble creating their own pieces. Buzzsumo demonstrates that artificial intelligence can also be used to search for content relevant to the topic that interests us.

This tool helps the user to search for currently trending content. With data in hand, make planning new content easier . Also, scheduling and distribution are more convenient. Many AI apps applied to marketing will be geared towards these actions.

The recommendations from Netflix and Amazon are a clear example of AI being used to find and recommend content. They offer a personalized user experience to their users by showing them relevant content based on their recent interests and activities.

8.- Cortex

This artificial intelligence application is responsible for improving the appearance of publications on social networks. It helps brands in many aspects: type of image to use, hashtag, how to differentiate themselves from the competition, etc.

It tells the user when it is best to publish, including the ideal frequency. On the other hand, it allows access to a large bank of images and an editor that allows you to change the size and add filters.

But its characteristics do not end there. It serves as a platform to schedule posts from all social channels from one place. It works like other publishing tools , but with the potential of artificial intelligence. One of the most interesting AI apps applied to marketing for social media managers.

9.- Lumen5

Artificial intelligence can take the already great potential of the video format to another level. In this tool, it allows for quick and easy creation of videos that can be shared on social networks and blogs.

How it works is to create videos from a blog post, article or from scratch. Each piece consists of several scenes. Text, images or clips from already built-in libraries can be inserted into any scene.

Natural language processing algorithms automatically summarize content from information in an article. They collect key information and distribute it throughout the video. The user can modify any element when he wishes. Artificial intelligence helps leverage existing content and redesign it to create videos virtually instantly.


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