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The creators of TikTok have released a desk lamp with a camera. But it is not for recording music videos, imitations or funny dances. It is for parents to contact children while they are at work.

In recent years we are seeing how software companies make so much money that they are looking for other markets to expand into. And they almost always end up releasing some hardware product. ByteDance, creators of TikTok, the most popular social network of the moment (especially among young people) today launched Dali Smart Lamp, a lamp with a camera and a screen for making video calls.

If you have thought that Dali refers to the famous Spanish painter, it is not like that. Dali means great strength in Chinese, and it is the name of ByteDance’s educational platform, which includes GoGoKid, an app to teach English, and Qingbei, to create distance education classes.

This is not the first hardware from the creators of TikTok. They already tried it a while ago with their first smartphone, the Smartisan Jianguo Pro 3, but it was not very successful. Dali Smart Lamp is a lamp with a reasonable resemblance to a street lamp, designed to illuminate a desk table.

As seen in the opening photo, it has a screen with a camera that allows video calls, but it is not a mobile phone. It is just a fixed screen on the lamp, which has a virtual assistant to control it with your voice.

The idea is that parents can communicate with their children in a simple way, while they are at work, for example, to help them with homework. Chinese families where both the father and the mother work outside the home are more and more numerous and the working hours sometimes last all day. With this system children, especially if they are young, can easily talk to their parents if they are away from home, without the need for a mobile phone.

ByteDance assured in the presentation that it is an effective way to reconcile work with family, something that more and more parents are demanding.

Dali Smart Lamp is already on sale in China at a price of around 100 euros. There is no news of his arrival in the West.

It will not be the only product focused on education on its Dali platform. The company assures that more than 10,000 employees are working on it.

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