Tips for Dancing Perfectly When Wearing Pole Dancing Heels

If you are someone who is a newbie to pole dancing would be pondering in mind whether it is a mandate wearing heels. Well, to clear any of your skeptics; it’s not indispensable to don these stilettos and can be done with bare feet. But, many ladies consider flaunting in pole dancing heels, obviously as it makes them appear all that hot and sexy. Elongated legs, enhanced posture, surged confidence-as an instance are some of the perks associated with these so-tagged pointers.

So, if you intend to practice this particular style of acrobatic dance that exhibits these heels, ensure that you implement the guidelines that are stated below. Get your favorite espresso, relax on the couch, and read along!

We hope that you find these tips worthy

  1. Start small

While it can be all that luring, going with these pumps that are almost 7 inches is not a wise decision to make. When beginning with this new journey, it’s advocated to start with this style of footwear that’s low in platform height. Once you become familiar after practicing with heels, there are enough options up for grabs that you can maneuver.


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  1. Prefer strapped shoes

Another pivotal suggestion that our aficionados recommend: Since you’re are a neophyte, considering these pleasers with straps around the ankle or the back of the heel is the way to go. This way, it safeguards you from the occurrence of any sort of mishappening when performing this distinct erotic style. The last thing you want is the shoe to take off and hitting someone sitting as an audience.


  1. Walk first

Needless to say: Pole dancing in itself is a convoluted errand and along with the heels it makes all that difficult. Thus, it’s imperative that before aiming for the moves such as spinning and inverting, learn to execute the basic steps. Try to procure that much-needed confidence by walking in these stilettos, and those adventurous gestures can always be accomplished later-on.


  1. The posture matters

When standing upright or walking around the pole, a good posture is the need of the hour that apart from swelling your confidence levels put a great impression on whosoever is judging you.

Ensure that you never slouch; the head position and shoulders should be straight and they are never leaning. When your body posture is not drooping, there won’t be issues with balancing even when donning a pair of heels.


To finish

Above were some hints in the shape of bits of advice that one must consider when wearing pole dancing heels for the first time. And, if you are thinking of a pair of these pumps from the leading Australian Online Shoe Shop, may allow us to serve you.









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