How Chatbots are Driving Loyalty Programs?

For a consumer, nothing seems better than easy to retrieve rewards which are personalized to exactly how a customer would require to have. According to a survey, 70% of consumers find rewards programs quite frustrating. How chatbot loyalty solutions can help brands increase customer retention and sales?

Chatbot for loyalty programs facilitates every sort of customer requirement. With the help of Conversational Artificial Intelligence, either text or voice, one can have benefits to track rewards and any sort of consumer behaviors in real-time, helping the brands maximize their reach and have better strategies for the future.

Why is Chatbot more preferable?

Chatbot can help you tailor programs to sync with a particular set of consumer segments and create granular personalization for individual consumers. Moreover, consumers can track, redeem and access rewards programs in almost all the channels they’re making use of. While we can’t get enough reasons of using chatbot for businesses, here are a few stats to let you have a firm decision on having chatbots at work!

  • 70% lo loyalty rewards members will recommend a brand if it has a great loyalty program
  • 87% of consumers want loyalty programs for sticking around a brand and making repeat purchases
  • Loyalty consumers spend an average of $42 more than their counterparts with brick and mortar retailers than those who don’t belong to one.
  • 60% of people in a major study reported that loyalty programs influence where they make purchases.

Major Benefits of having Chatbots accelerating Loyalty Business

Chatbots somehow are driving loyalty programs and sales in the present times. As a result, they further help in solving the friction points which are encountered by the executive teams in developing a good to go loyalty program. Irrespective of the product you have or the service you’re selling, the golden rule is that the consumers carry a greater value because they’re the one leading the brand’s sales. The price of your loyalty program is basically defined through the amount of benefit the customers stand to receive. While they’re often offset through the amount of friction received.

Currently, around 90% of leads would rather be getting texts than making a phone call. In this scenario chatbots can meet your consumers expectation for quick and active customer engagement in the daily messing applications or social media via texting. This method is quick and communicable in comparison to other options available.

Chatbots ease consumer frustration. Consumers are mostly irritated with the lengthy registration process; long contact forms and long requirement lists which somehow adds in the customer inconvenience. No one wishes to get involved in along process and wait for their queries to get resolved anyway. For instance, in a multi-step sign up or to verify rewards implementation, the process is long. While chatbots here make the lengthy process easier through quick signups, resolving customer queries then and there. According to recent studies, customers want to engage and begin engagement in messaging, while another study suggests that half of consumers said that they would be preferring to conduct all customer service interactions in messaging. Brands are taking great steps towards implementing chatbots and giving their brand a complete makeover with higher customer satisfaction rates.

Chatbot Creates Outstanding Value for Customers

Chatbots are lifechanging in just a single way but an array of benefits come together!

Smart Functionality- Chatbots are effortlessly intelligent for loyalty programs. They can connect to almost every system you choose. They can track consumer touch points in every possible way, time and location they have interacted with your brand.

Chatbots cab easily make use of behavior data for aggregating into groups, tiers or individual information for customer recognition on social or in-store. exactly like a reward program, this kind of recognition can be an extension of the program and your branding.

Add Chatbots to your Loyalty Programs to better Customer Engagement

While creating your loyalty programs to bring the most loyal customers even closer, you can always have a chatbot integrated to it. get your chatbot trained to ask customer for referrals. Reward the customers who are most loyal and provide them with discounts. Chatbots must be able to do all what is required in your loyalty program. Since customer like such loyalty programs, one should train the chatbots in order to retain your customers.


Customer retention is imperative for every business. It can be the only possible way when you can ensure that your business is still above the edge and growing along. If you’re already making use of a chatbot to automate some business processes, then why not use it for retention too? Chatbots are great at customer dealing with smart capabilities to target audience easily with a chatbot.

Still thinking on the next step? Find the best in class chatbot development company and get ready to level up your loyalty business.

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